Art Portfolio Bootcamp

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How does SIX MONTHS of weekly assignments to build your portfolio sound?


We're about to spend a little time together. For SIX months, I’ll be delivering prompts EVERY WEEK to push you to look at new ideas, stretch your abilities, and most importantly, grow your portfolio.

You’ll get tons of visuals to accompany your assignments so you feel good about the direction you take your work each week.


The Art Portfolio Bootcamp was created with the following in mind:


Grow Your Portfolio

How does one grow their portfolio when ideas of what to create aren’t sparking for someone? I'm going to help you return to your love of creating without the overwhelm of all the external influences and noise.

Reach Outside Your Comfort Zone

I'm introducing concepts that force you to create something you may have never otherwise considered. Chances are that you’ll find a new subject matter or medium that you’re drawn to so much, that you begin focusing on it as a part of your regular practice.

Connect with Your Community

As creative adults, it’s so important that we have accountability and motivation, and sometimes the very thing we need is to be pushed to go there. You'll be getting access to an exclusive community within Bootcamp!

Not to mention...

Over the next six months, you’ll be diving into both market trends as well as unique themes to set you apart. At the end of this journey, you’ll be better equipped to cultivate your own creative inspiration that will inevitably continue to add to your portfolio, and in turn, your art career.