Moving into Online Course Creation in 2022

course creation Oct 25, 2021
2022 online course trends

These last few years have taught us a lot about how we learn online. Online courses gained popularity as many of us were stuck at home with a desire to learn new things and make use of our time. So, what did we learn from this surge of people taking online courses?

Digital learners have a specific set of expectations; your content must be easy to absorb and give them valuable information.

Below are the top online course trends for 2022 to ensure you have success with your courses.



Community-Based Curriculum

Having a sense of community is extremely important to new learners. Since your course will be focused on a niche, everyone who is signed up for it likely has some similar interests. Creating a forum or Facebook group for those who sign up for your courses can make a really wonderful community. It helps them talk through things they’ve learned, ask questions, engage with one another, share their ideas, and gain feedback.

Having a supportive community is a great way to get others to get to know and like you, and most importantly, trust you. Those who have benefited from a community space will refer their friends to your courses as well, and nothing beats word of mouth.


Thoughtful Content

As I’m sure you know, there are so many online courses out there, which means nobody will buy something that is not well thought out. Your content needs to be organized, engaging, and optimized for the success of your students. Before coming up with your course content, you need to determine the takeaways you want your readers to learn.

Build your course around relevant information to help them gain those takeaways.

Do your research into effective teaching strategies and ways you can help your readers retain information.

It’s important to remember that, while content is important, presentation is what truly shines through. Take the time to create a visually pleasing course that makes all of your information easily digestible. 


Video Content 

With the massive growth in social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, our learning styles have shifted significantly from text to video. Informational videos have been proven to increase understanding and maximize retention. Videos allow visual learners to see concepts they may have struggled with in written form. Especially in the artist community, we tend to be visual learners. Concepts make a lot more sense when you can see them instead of trying to decipher text instructions.

Pro tip: To ensure the information is retained, end each video with a small quiz or recap to drive home the key takeaways of each video. 



We live in a fast-paced world where we can get any information within seconds. This has resulted in shorter attention spans – not a bad thing, but something we need to keep in mind when creating online courses.

Micro-learning is a great solution, as it teaches vital content in bite size pieces. Smaller sections of material can increase engagement and retention. Not only is it effective, but it’s also way easier to create, which is great for you as the course creator! 


Mobile-Friendly Sites

Last but not least, you need to make sure that whatever site or platform you host your online courses on is mobile-friendly. More people than ever access the internet on their phones or iPads. Being mobile-friendly allows your subscribers to learn from anywhere, encouraging more signups over competitors who may not have this ability. Before launching, make sure to do a test run on your mobile device to ensure there are no hiccups. 



The best way to understand your students and the effectiveness of your course is to evaluate your analytics. When creating your online course, make sure you use software that gives you access to user analytics. Things like video engagement and drop-off statistics can teach you a lot about what is working and what needs improvement.



Knowing these tips will help you as you venture into creating any online courses in 2022. Make sure to also check in with any brands or creators who are successful in your niche. Check out what trends they are following. For more information on creating an online course, make sure to check out the rest of the blogs on course creation!


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