3 Reasons Why Your Online Course Creation Progress Is Stagnant

course creation Sep 21, 2021
course creation tips

Listen, I get it. It's easy to start working on creating an online course but then get consumed with overwhelm, and then rumination about your overwhelm, and now it’s become stagnant. You’re not alone! Plenty of us run into this issue when tackling a big project. Many things can affect the progression of your course creation. Below are a few of the most common reasons why your project isn’t moving forward, and most importantly, how to combat this! 


Reason 1: You Need to Scale Down

Many creators begin making their first online course and find that they went too broad with their ideas. The project quickly becomes overwhelming and hard to manage. There are too many pieces, and it feels like an impossible task. This does not mean you need to give up or take a break from your project. Instead, do a brainstorming session and pare down your online course to something more specific. Understanding what you want your audience to learn will help reinvigorate your project and get you back on track to start making content again. 


Reason 2: You Need to Delegate

Your project might not be moving forward because you simply don’t have the time to put toward it. This doesn’t mean you need to put it on hold until you have more time because, let’s be honest, when does it seem like we ever get more time? Instead, start delegating your tasks. If your online course is something you want to be in charge of, delegate your other tasks. This can be done in several ways. If you work independently, you could look into hiring a freelancer or a VA to help complete some of your tasks that take up a lot of time. When you spend a little time training them to know what you like, it will pay off by freeing up your time to focus on your project. If you work with others, see if they can take anything off of your plate while you tackle your online course. Be open with yourself and others about your time and learn when to say no to taking on other new things.  


Reason 3: You Don’t Want to Fail

You put a lot of time into your online course, and it’s completely natural to be nervous about sharing it with others. What if you put all of that time in, and it isn’t as successful as you had hoped? The only way you can truly know if it’s a success is if you put it out there. Best case scenario – it’s a huge success, and you help a lot of people learn new skills. Plus, you start making a decent passive income. Worst case scenario – you now know how to create an online course, and you learn from your first attempt and try again. Either way, you will never know if you don’t move forward with it and find out. It can be scary, but you owe it to yourself to try. 



Do any of these sound like you? It can hard work tackling something as massive as an online course, but it’s so worth it! There are so many people out there who want to learn from you. Overcome the things that keep your course creation project from moving forward and start getting your content out there. 

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