Autumn Watercolors: 5 Easy Fall Paintings

classes - painting painting Oct 19, 2019
5 Easy Fall Paintings

Autumn is such a lovely time of year. The air gets cool and crisp, the leaves get showy with their vibrant colors, and everyone's all about some pumpkin spice [fill in the blank]. This class features 5 easy projects for you to really embrace sweater-weather by grabbing a cup of tea and sitting back with some paints and a paintbrush.


In this class, you'll learn to paint five items:

  • Pumpkin
  • Acorns
  • Autumn Branch
  • Autumn Tree
  • Abstract Autumn Flowers



Student Testimonials:


A few student projects...

Artwork by Elena Pribavkina

Artwork by Clair S.

Artwork by Lois Sparks



For your reference, here are some recommended supplies:


Legion Stonehenge Aqua Cold Press


The Pigeon Letters Cruelty-Free Round Brushes


Daniel Smith Dot Chart

Daniel Smith - Burnt Umber
Daniel Smith - Transparent Brown Oxide
Daniel Smith - Hansa Yellow Medium
Daniel Smith - New Gamboge
Daniel Smith - Cadmium Red Medium Hue
Daniel Smith - Buff Titanium
Daniel Smith - Indian Yellow
Daniel Smith - Pyrrol Scarlet 
Daniel Smith - Perylene Green
Daniel Smith - Garnet Genuine



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