DIY Flower Pounding: Bring Nature to Paper - How to Craft Colorful Fine Art with Floral Dye

classes - drawing classes - painting diy drawing painting May 26, 2021

I've got an unusual one for you today. If you've been following my shenanigans I've been sharing in The Flock membership and IG, you've probably heard me talking about how much time I've been spending collecting random nature items. Have you seen that TikTok of the girl who jokes about a stick collection that she compiled due to the pandemic? No joke, that's me. 😂 ANYWAY…

I'm thrilled to bring you a class that explores the beauty of some very exciting paint: flowers & greenery! Whether you're out foraging, have a backyard garden, or visit a nursery or even a supermarket, pigment is all around us and we have the opportunity to create some beautiful, vibrant fine art pieces just from what's right outside of our door in our natural earth.



I love working with natural pigments because not only do they get us outside to smell the fresh air and take in our surroundings, but they also push us creatively and they encourage us to embrace the imperfections of unknown results we'll get as we work with flowers.

 In Nature to Paper, we'll create 2 finished projects and you'll learn:

  • How to source flowers
  • How to test flowers and greenery for pigment
  • How to create a desirable composition with flowers and greenery
  • How to add minimal finishing touches to your pieces with mark making techniques

This class is perfect for anyone looking to play. You don't need to have any experience in any art medium. This is simply an invitation to unlock a door and dive into your creative instincts in a new way. 

This art form is exciting and experimental, so let's jump in and get our hands dirty!

Note: This class is hosted through Skillshare. If you're not already a member, my class link provided here will unlock 2 weeks for free (no commitments either cuz gross).