Add Your Face to an Email Signature Hack

entrepreneurship Aug 16, 2020

Hey guys! This week I really wanted to share with you a little hack to quickly get your beautiful, friendly face at the bottom of all of your emails. If you know me, you know I'm all about making life easier so this tutorial should not come as a shock.

Today, I'm showing you how to get YOUR face on a personal email signature. When I was trying to do this originally, I seriously couldn't figure out how to do it. I kept going into Gmail, trying to put my picture on my signature and Gmail was basically like, LOOK HOW BIG WE'VE MADE YOUR FACE BAHAHAHA and it just basically didn't work out. I managed to work the magic of the internet and I've FINALLY learned how to do it, yes, it's a hack but it works! And it's free! 

If you'd rather work along with me, head down the bottom of this post for the video version of this tutorial!


  • Desired Image 
  • The Internet


Step 1: Head over to mysignature.io



Right when you get to the landing page, click "create signature" on the left side of the screen. Next, fill in your information under the "general" tab. You don't have to fill everything in here, pick and choose what works best for you, and level of business-y or relaxed that you're going for.

I just stick with name, company, email, and website! I only do those options because I'm based online so there's no need to include the other information. If you're feeling really wild, fill out all of them!


Step 2: Upload Your Image 



Next is the BEST part! Adding in your image, woo! If you were like me and waited a loooong time to add my face onto my email signature, this is a BIG moment for you. Click "choose file" under the "images" tab and select a picture you'd like to add to your email signature. You don't even need to have your image sized correctly. I'll go over the adjustment of your photo in the next step! Easy peasy!  


Step 3: Adjust Image



Now we can play around with the shape and crop of our photo. I already have my image shaped and cropped the way I want, but having that pre-done isn't necessary. When the image pops up, zoom in to include the part of the photo you want on your email signature.

An important note on this step is that you can round your image's edges by using the option under the "images" tab then sliding the bar from left to right to adjust. Click, click, boom, and almost done! 


Step 4: Choose the Social Handles You Want to Include



Add the social media accounts that you deem fit for your email signature. This part is super fun because mysignature.io gives you SO many social media platforms to include. From Facebook ALL the way to Tinder (if you're into that...)! I only included social media that I'm pretty active on: Instagram, Youtube, and my email.

You can also change the color of these social media icons depending on the template that you use. Click through the free templates (or the paid ones if you're feeling baller) and see what catches your eye!


Step 5: Include Additional Add-ons if Desired



For a free service, you can actually do a decent amount to customize your email signature! Under the "Addons" tab you can add a disclaimer, a sign-off, an option to schedule a video conference, a green message (which I love because I think they sound secretly sassy), and some other ways to add your social links in bigger and brighter ways.

Also, under the "design" tab you can change the color of a few things like font size, font family, and font color. 

Get really wild and add them all if you want, it's your personalized signature! I stuck with basics because I'm into the idea that less is more.


Step 6: Save Signature + Copy to Clipboard



Now select "save signature" on the bottom left of the screen, followed by "copy to clipboard" on the screen after. This will select the entire signature and make it super easy just to paste into your email settings (I'll be using Gmail). When I was creating this, I kept thinking, it can't be THAT easy, can it? Rest assured, it REALLY is that easy!


Step 7: HACK: Delete Branding Tag



Go to your email settings and simply paste the signature into the text box and boom, there's your signature! Lastly, you'll want to scroll to the bottom where the branding tag is placed because you'll find that it says "create your own signature" as a promo for the website. But you don't want that in your email signature cuz it has literally nothing to do with you! So just highlight that line then click delete! Now it's gone forever, and you officially have your very own email signature WITH your face. Woo!



I hope you all found this tutorial as useful as I did when I first learned how to do this. Seriously, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Some of my favorite things to share with you guys are ways to really elevate yourself online while keeping it affordable. I definitely think that was achieved with this tutorial! Enjoy your face on your personalized signature, I know I will! In a non-creepy way!