Add Outlines to Make Images Pop in Photoshop

software Jul 12, 2020

How are we feeling this week guys? Personally, I'm feeling super accomplished because I've mastered the art of adding an outline to my text and images to make a fun, POP aesthetic.

So I decided to bring you a video today on how to outline your text and images using Photoshop. The hype of block-ish outlining on words is officially outdated and I've just fallen in love with using this style of outline on my text and images when I'm creating a graphic for a YouTube video. One of my favorite parts of outlining my text this way is that it really stands out on just about any color you lay your eyes on.

I was originally looking into learning this method when I wanted to spruce up my YouTube thumbnails and when I found out how easy it was, I had to share a tutorial with you! I'm going to guide you through my simple process and before you know it your text is going to POP anywhere you put it! Good ole video attached at the bottom for some even better visuals, check it out!



Step 1: Create a color fill layer



I always like to start my canvas by adding a color fill so I have a better visual of what I'm working with. Simply add a new layer and add a color fill by clicking the small circle icon in the middle of the lower icon bar and select a solid color. Go ahead and pick any color your heart desires and let's get it poppin

It doesn't matter much what color you initially choose because you have the magic ability to change it later on. Hit ok and let's move on!



Step 2: Let's first try this method with a photo



Drag your chosen photo into Photoshop but always make sure the photo you use doesn't have a background. I'm a HUGE fan of remove.bg because all you do is upload your photo, after 3ish seconds its rendered and BOOM, your picture is magically without a background. It's super easy and makes you feel like you can do anything in the editing realm. I'm serious, you don't even have to think. Just look at those glorious hair strokes that I didn't have to struggle with.



Step 3: Expand pixels for your outline



Up next, look to the right side on the layers panel, right-click the frame area and click "select pixels". Continue on by clicking "select" on the top menu, then "modify", followed by "expand". I chose to expand my pixels by 15 which works for me but definitely play around with it and see what you love and what you don't. 



Step 4: Create a new layer



It's important that you now create a new layer! This is when I'm going to fill my pixels to create that pop look I'm going for. I'm going to create another new layer, and drag it underneath the current layer. 



Step 5: Add your POP outline!



Feel free to change the color of your layer, I'm just using white to get the ultimate pop on my background. I'm no stranger to experimenting with color, so I highly recommend trying out several different shades to find out what you're diggin.