Add an Outline to Text in Photoshop

software Sep 13, 2020

You might remember a few weeks ago when I showed you how to add outlines to images using Photoshop. Well, this tutorial is going to do the same thing, but this time we're going to be using text!

I'm going to use the same canvas that I was using before when I showed you how to do this with photos. 

I was originally looking into learning this method when I wanted to spruce up my YouTube thumbnails and when I found out how easy it was, I had to share a tutorial with you! I'm going to guide you through my simple process and before you know it your text is going to POP anywhere you put it! Good ole video attached at the bottom for some even better visuals, check it out!


Step 1: Add text



To start my text off, I'm going to create another new layer and press "T" on my keyboard to open up my little text box. You can guess what's coming next, and if you guessed typing words and things, you're absolutely correct. Choose a quote, line, etc. and type it out in your text box, and get ready for the amazingness that is outlining text! 



Step 2: Expand pixels for your outline



Just like in my image, I'm going to right-click my text layer and click "select pixels". This will create marching ants if you will, that go around your text. One step closer to some exciting pop outlining! 



Step 3: Expand pixels 



For the expansion of my text, I expanded it by 10. It was a pretty bold outline but I'm really happy with it. At this point, you want to create another new layer (important!) and drag it underneath the current layer. 



Step 4: Create your POP outline



Press "G" to select your paintbrush tool, click the layer and fill. Then deselect it by pressing command + D or Ctrl + D for PCs. 


Photoshop is always fun but definitely can get hairy at times. The video linked below is even better assistance in making the pop outline of your dreams. I can't wait for you to check it out!