Designer Spotlight: Meet Adeline-Julie Baes

design team - adeline-julie Jul 08, 2022
How to paint with natural pigments

If you haven't met Adeline-Julie Baes yet, you are guaranteed to become instantly obsessed with her beautiful nature-inspired work.



How did you get started doing art? 

Coming from a family of artists, I have been surrounded by the paintings and creations of my ancestors since my childhood. I have been such a Jack of all trades in almost everything since I can remember: music, pottery, drawing, painting, dance, theater,... And it is naturally that I started to study comics after high school.

What is your favorite medium to create with? 


What is your favorite color?

Avocado pit ink (#E1C4AC)

What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create? 

The garden that awakens with the seasons. 


What most inspires you? 

Mother Nature


How do you push through creative ruts? 

By using imagination with "problem" situations. This can be linked to the "how to" issue.

Example: Henri Matisse, the Fauvist painter, underwent a major operation in 1941 and the doctors advised him to stop using strong solvents and oil paints. He was forced to stay in bed for long months. This immobility and this prohibition, a problem situation, will lead him to continue to paint with gouaches from his bed and to produce his "pasted cut-out papers". The creative breath of Matisse will give birth to this technique as well as to his last works.

OR by encouraging error as a creative process.


If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose? 

  • 1/A mortar & pestle
  • 2/natural pigments
  • 3/watercolor paper


What's your one hot tip for learners? 

I believe that in art and creativity no skill is innate. One can have aptitudes, and still... So the good news is that everything can be learned and everything can be acquired. The only thing you should never doubt is the confidence in those two facts and therefore you will succeed and meet your goals.


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