Alcohol Ink Abstract with Line Drawn Peony

design team - theresa drawing painting Mar 29, 2022
How to paint with alcohol ink

Mixed media art is so fun to explore. Mixed media simply means that you are using multiple supplies of different kinds to create your artwork. For instance, as soon as you add some monoline pen work to a watercolor painting you are making a mixed media piece. Alcohol ink is an amazing medium to try for mixed media projects because you can layer so many things on top of it. Today I am going to teach you how to use masking fluid and line drawing to turn our alcohol art into a blooming peony that is exploding with color.




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Step 1: Apply Masking Fluid

Use the spare brush to place masking fluid on the Yupo paper in a loose circle shape. You will need more than one coat because of the slickness of the paper. Let each layer dry between coats and before adding alcohol ink. 




Step 2: Create Your Background

Have fun and play with the ink, isopropyl alcohol and air blower to make a background.




Step 3: Peel Masking Fluid

Once the alcohol ink is dry (about 3 hours), peel the masking fluid off the paper. 

Step 4: Draw Peony Petals

Using the size 05 pen, shape petal leaves using the border that was created between the alcohol ink and the white space that the masking fluid left. Work from the outside of the flower in. This can be tricky because you’ll want to make sure that you don’t close your petals when you are drawing them. 

Peonies have a lot of layers and you can easily replicate that by working slowly from the outside towards the center. The petals from the layer below will be what closes the petals. To mimic the look of petal folds, add a couple semi circles to the tops and side of the petals.

You could sketch in your peony with a pencil before going over it with the pen, but I want to push you to embrace the abstract beauty in the flower you are making.   




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Step 5: Add the Flower Stamen

In the middle of the flower, layer horseshoe shapes to make the stamen using the size 01 pen


Step 6: Add Movement with Linework 

With the size 03 pen, add lines to show the movement of the petals. Drawing different lengths of c curves that follow the shape of the petals help show this. For the sides of the petals, add a couple small C-shapes at the bottom to help show the turn of the petal. A row of thin lines help show the shading of some of the lower petals, this also helps distinguish all the different shapes and sizes that are a part of a peony.


And that's it! I hope you enjoyed creating with me today.



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