Designer Spotlight: Meet Alicia Bruce

design team - alicia Jun 17, 2022
How to paint with bright colors

Get to know more about Alicia Bruce - the fun, colorful and Moroccan mint obsessed.



How did you get started doing art? 

I've always been an artistic person, so art has been a part of my life in some capacity for as long as I can remember. But I became serious about keeping a daily art practice just after Christmas in 2018. I knew that my seasonal depression was due to kick in at any time, so I began spending an hour each evening in front of my sun lamp working on some kind of art. I threw myself into drawing, watercolor, and eventually gouache. I finally began calling myself an artist back in 2020 when I broke my shoulder skateboarding. I was working as a professional photographer and was suddenly out of work for months as I recovered from the break and then frozen shoulder. To pass time during long days with my dominant arm secured to my torso, I painted watercolors with my left hand. Watercolor is a really forgiving medium so I actually created a few pieces that I still sell to this day! From there, art became more than just another hobby - it was necessary for my mental health and I felt like it was my purpose all along.


What is your favorite medium to create with? 

Everything? I'm an indecisive enneagram 7 with major FOMO, so just give me all of the mediums, thanks!


What is your favorite color? 

Pink! And yellow! Happy happy colors.


What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create? 

My iPad so I can watch true crime documentaries on YouTube while I work.



What most inspires you? 

Traveling, California, wildflowers, nature, the ocean, and the 1960s are probably my biggest inspirations for what I create.


How do you push through creative ruts? 

Switching to a medium I don't use often; picking up an art project book and simply working through tutorials; stepping away to create in other ways like baking or photography; and of course, traveling to a new destination always fills me with inspiration to create again.


If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose? 

OOF! Probably... gouache, watercolor, and colored pencils.



What's your one hot tip for learners? 

JUST. START. If all you have is an old number 2 pencil and a random lined notebook that your dog tried to eat, use that. In fact, the less precious the materials, the less pressure there is to begin making truly crappy art. And crappy art isn't actually crappy - it's SO valuable because without it, we'll never get past that stage to make art we absolutely love. And for the record, I actually ended up loving the pieces I hastily made in the half dog-eaten lined notebook because of the fact that I wasn't holding myself to any standards to make them good.


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