Designer Spotlight: Meet Amandine Thomas

design team - amandine Jun 24, 2022
Serene nature illustration

A storyteller and a lover of nature, meet Amandine Thomas and dive into her world of colorful illustrations.




How did you get started doing art?

My mum was a painter, and she encouraged me to be creative from the youngest age. She signed me up to oil painting classes when I was 7! But my favourite tool back then was a simple plastic ball-point pen, which I used to draw the characters of my made-up stories.

What is the one thing you like to have nearby when you create?

My sketchbook! I use it to jot down ideas, draw quick little comics, test my colour schemes… It’s my very own playground, and all my creative adventures start there!


What is your favorite color?



What most inspires you?

Our planetI love nothing more than telling stories about its wonders, and how to protect them. 


How do you push through creative ruts?

I try not to discount any creative idea, no matter how silly, half-cooked, or derivative it may seem. I have dozens of notes outlining such ideas in my phone, and I regularly revisit them. Sometimes, creative sparks fly and a silly idea turn into a whole new book, or a series of prints! 


If you could only use 3 supplies for the rest of your life, what 3 items would you choose?

A set of watercolour paints, a sergent-major nib and a number 4 round brush.


What's your one hot tip for learners?

There is no such thing as “not being creative!” We all have that spark, we only need to light it. So don’t be afraid to explore, to try new things, to draw and paint as if no-one was watching. Remember to enjoy the journey, don’t worry too much about the destination, and trust that it’s that mess that you’ll eventually find your creative voice! 


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