At Home Video Filming Setup

entrepreneurship Jul 19, 2020
How to set up an at home filming studio

Hiii everyone. I decided to do a video on my at-home setup for filming all of my videos because you wouldn't believe the number of questions I get about my filming equipment! All of my videos are done from the comfort (and distractions!) of my home. Don't let me fool you though, you guys give me way too much credit because I'm no film professional. But, I get the job done!

I'm showing you what my setup looks like because I know there's people out there looking for something that's simple and something that works. The only catch is that none of you can judge my secretly messy workspace. Deal? Shoutout to my fellow messy creatives, we're in this together!




Arkon Mount

RODE-on Camera Mic

Adapter Cord to Connect RODE Mic to Phone

Audio Technica 2020+ USB Mic

Neewer Ring Light

Neewer LED Panel Lights (comes with 2)




Step 1: Ring Light



This is the 18-inch ring light and one of the major reasons I love it is because it doesn't cast any pesky shadows on my face! This is surprisingly difficult to accomplish because I have a lot of natural light that peeps through my window - which I love but can also be annoying when I'm filming. The ring light really is THE saving grace for lighting because it banishes all the shadows, leaving your face super crisp. This is a product you don't want to go without in your at-home film studio!

Finding the right lighting is going to look different for everyone. With each individual space comes it's own list of lighting issues, so just play around with your lighting and find the perfect time of day to do your filming!



Step 2: Tripod



This is the Arkon mount and this beauty is as heavy-duty as they come! I haven't had any issues using this mount since I bought it. The arm is super flexible with a TON of different pivot points so that you can turn it all the ways your filming heart may require. This includes if you're doing a demo and you need your camera to face downwards. The grip is also great because it doesn't shake or move when I hit my angry fists on my desk (just kidding! but you get the point.) 



Step 3: Microphone



Important note about my audio: it's all done from my iPhone! It's so convenient that my microphone plugs directly into my iPhone using this adapter. And listen, if you're here to question my fluffy microphone piece - I love it so don't hate on it! This attachment does actually have a purpose, without this furry ball on my microphone, it's difficult to prop up the mic without connecting it to something. So there's my justification and I'm sticking to it! 

It's a small but mighty mic!



Step 4: LED Lights



The ring light + these LED lights are really the best combos out there. It gives me such gorgeous brightness and glow, without casting a shadow on my face. I have one LED light (the one I'm pointing to) that is slightly off-centered because I have a gigantic window that gives me soft light on the far side. The ring light does the magic part on my face and the LED lights make the ambiance of the room so, so perfect. LED Lights + Ring light... name a better duo!



Step 5: Adjusting Your White OR Yellow Lighting



These LED lights have the ability to be battery operated OR connect directly. One thing I love about these lights is that they give an option for yellow OR white light. Like I said before, every space is different so these lights give you the ability to adjust the yellow vs. white light to really get the right lighting for wherever you're filming from. 

You can also adjust them into a combination of white and yellow. So many things you can do with these beauties! I also pair them with these tripods




Definitely head over to my Youtube video for more information about my setup, including the nitty-gritty behind the difference a microphone can make for your audio! All in all, don't make it extra difficult for yourself when setting up your at-home workspace because everything is better when it's simple and easy.

I hope you found this helpful whether you're looking for a simple filming setup, considering creating one, or just found yourself on the black hole that is the internet! Stop by my channel to view this tutorial in VIDEO form below!