Bamboo Slate | A Review

entrepreneurship Aug 29, 2019

Here's the run down.

The Slate allows you to write with a regular pen and paper, the good stuff that we miss in this increasingly virtual world. That said, it's unrealistic to go without technology in today's society. There are two sizes - A4/letter and A5/half letter. It looks like a fancy gray pad, and if I saw it at first glance, I'd think it was a portable portfolio without a front flap. But its magic lies within. With one touch, you can upload exactly what you wrote on paper to your mobile device, instantly digitizing your writing, illustration, etc. From there, you can email it to yourself, save it as a photo, upload it to the cloud of your choice, and more.


How does it work?

The Bamboo pen is designed to precisely capture every movement that your pen makes when it makes contact to paper.


Can I use any pen?

No. The Slate pairs with its own smart pen, which has a soft touch and takes ballpoint refills.


Is this a good alternative to the iPad Pro?

This depends on what you're using the tablet for. The iPad Pro enhances lettering with realistic pressure sensitivity, imitating brush pens. The Bamboo Slate is restricted to its ballpoint pen, so there isn't an option for variety. That said, it does pick up strokes with amazing accuracy. If you are illustrating something, jotting notes, using regular handwriting or mono lettering, the Slate will do this for you.


How does it sync?

The Slate pairs with the mobile device of your choice using its app - Inkspace. Simply tap to sync, and proceed as you would to share any other image.


Do I have to use my mobile device at the same time?

No! The videos I've shared feature the impressive Live Mode that can be found in the app. You don't even have to have a mobile device around! The Bamboo Slate will record what you've written/drawn for upload later. I want to see my work in progress.


How do I go live?

If you do want to have your mobile device syncing in Live Mode, simply follow these instructions: Open the Inkspace app, click Settings (tool icon), select Bamboo smartpad (under General), then click Live Mode.


Can I export as a vector file?

You sure can!


What if I need to erase something? 

Then do it! The Slate allows for you to fix any mistakes!


Where can I get one?

Right here!