Best Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

software Sep 26, 2021
Best Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva has been one of my favorite tools to use for ALL the things on my website, my emails, my graphics, the list goes on and on and onnnnnn. Canva is quite literally, perfect, for those of us that don't have time to figure out Photoshop or just don't consider ourselves the best when it comes to creating graphics. There are a million ways to customize your work on Canva so you can really make it your own!



Since I spend so much time on Canva, figuring out shortcuts to optimize my time has made my workflow become so much less chaotic and time-consuming. And as you know, I'm all about saving time. So today I'm sharing all the best shortcuts on Canva so you too can optimize your workflow. I've also included a cheat sheet to look at as your learning all the shortcuts.



Add a Text Box on Canva: Press "t" 

No matter where you're at in your sidebar, if you select "t" on your keyboard, a text box will appear on whatever it is you're working on. Actual magic. It also creates the text box in the same font that you had been using which is really convenient! It's also really nice because if you were to select one of the text boxes on the left, you'd then have to change the font instead of it just automatically being what you want. 



Select All Text in the Text Box: command + a/ctrl + a

To select your text in whatever text box you're using, for mac, you can use the command + a shortcut OR if you have a PC, use the ctrl + a shortcut. This is a really simple one, but I'm telling you, those click and drags you have to do otherwise, the time adds up! If you use the shortcut, you don't have to completely stop whatever it is that you're doing to highlight the text. 



Make All Text Capitalized: hift + command + k/shift + ctrl + k

For MAC use shift + command + k OR for PC use shift + ctrl + k. This shortcut helps you switch between all caps and regular text. I personally love this shortcut because some of my graphics will have an all-caps header and instead of having to re-type the header, I just use the shortcut instead. I also change my mind all the time, so there are so many times that I'm switching between caps and regular. Soooo helpful. 



Send a Layer Backward or Forward

Have that layer selected and use command + [ and command + ] OR ctrl + [ and ctrl +]. These keyboard shortcuts will help you move your layer backward, behind, forward, pretty much anywhere it can go. 



Select a Layer Behind Another Layer

Instead of having to click and drag one layer away from the other in order to select it, simply hold command for mac, ctrl for PC while you click the layer. This will automatically select the layer that is beneath the other. 



Move Text Box One Pixel at a Time

Instead of having to click and drag your text box just to move it a single pixel to two, select your text box and use your arrow keys to move it one pixel at a time. If you're someone who has insane attention to detail, THIS is THE shortcut for YOU. 

If you want to move it 10 pixels at a time, do the same thing but hold shift while you move the text box around.


Those are all of my favorite keyboard shortcuts to really optimize my workflow using Canva! I have a few more included on this shortcut cheat sheet that you should 100000% snag so you can be a shortcut wiz too. 





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