Best Font Pairings in Canva

entrepreneurship Jul 11, 2021
Best Font Pairings in Canva

Hiiii friends, your friendly neighborhood Canva obsessor is back to share some more good stuff with ya. Today we're walking through all the lovely font pairings that Canva has to offer because trust me, it's A LOT. Canva is a game-changer for non-designers and those of us who just don't have time to dip into Photoshop. Let's jump into it!

Oh yeah, did I mention that these fonts are... free?! That's right. So much access to a ton of fun fonts. 




San Serif


Glacial Indifference has the most intense name but it looks so good in lowercase or all caps. When I put it in all caps, I like to put it in bold and adjust the spacing. Spacing can change a font or aesthetic so so much so that's something I'm always adjusting as I go. Line height is another important factor that you can adjust through Canva as well. 

This font is also great un-bolded when it's accompanied by another font.



Open sans is another fantastic font that you're probably familiar with because it's super popular and you can pretty much find it anywhere. This font is a really nice and clean San Serif font and is so versatile because it goes with everything. I'm definitely guilty of using this font everywhere.




Monsterrat is another popular one that I love to use, it's 100% likely that you've seen this font hanging around my website or graphics. I really can't help it, it's a superior font! It has a few options for itself, for example, Monsterrat Classic (my go-to!), Monsterrat Extra-Bold, and Monsterrat Semi-Bold. 



Aileron is a font that I didn't know about until I started using Canva so yay for good friends. This font is a great San Serif but it sort of goes against the grain because it has a teeny tiny curvature on the "R" which I think is really fun. Not a whole lot of difference between the regular and the bold though.



League Gothic looks amazing in all caps because it has these skinny letters that feel like they're standing in a power stance. Playing with the spacing for this font can really enhance it if you're going for an even more powerful look. I can't help but feel like I've seen this font on several action movie posters?! It's definitely giving me superhero action movie vibes. 



Bebas Neue (forgive me for annunciation in the video at the bottom!) is a little bit lighter but still has the option for bold. This font also offers a version called Bebas Neue Cyrillic which has a heavier weight to it but really, all of the options for this font are killer. I would say that this font is a more modern San Serif because the letters are on the skinny side.




Lovelo is a font that gives me Centura vibes but in a different way. Canva doesn't actually offer Centura so if that bums you out, Lovelo is a great (if not, better...) dupe for that. I absolutely adore this font, I use it all the time and I won't be stopping anytime soon! 



Limelight is a font that has split weight on the letters so only one side has a heavier weight to it, while the other is thin. I really like this font because the normal spacing looks more spread out so there's a lot of wiggle room to play with the spacing. This font is really good for a header too! 



Rig Solid is a font that I love to use for headers. It's a really unique font in Canva because it has an empty inside and features the outline of the letter. 





Abril Fatface has not only a unique name but also a unique style of font. I love love this font because it looks very formal and has a lot of weight to it.




Yeseva One is similar to Abril Fatface when it comes to style but has a little more imperfection to it, almost more feminine than the other. 



Playfair Display is one of my absolute favorite fonts both professionally, and casually. Yes, I would absolutely use this font in a casual conversation if I could. This font is SO versatile, I can pretty much slap it on a trash can and it would now be a snobby trash can. This font looks great in bold, regular, italicized, spaced out, close together, upside down, right side up... you get the picture. It's THE font and you need to get on Canva to get this font right now. 



Noto Serif Display is a more sophisticated version of the Playfair display and there are a million different styles for this font in Canva. There's really something for everyone! 

Honorable Mention: DM Serif Display 


Retro Vibes


Coiny is a super fun font when you're feeling playful. I actually found this font when I was looking to do a graphic for something else on Canva and just stumbled across this font. Talk about luck! I think this font is so so cute and I love it specifically in all caps.




Shrikhand is a more rounded and bubbly version of a serif, rather than formal. It's automatically italicized but I'm not even mad because it looks SO GOOD. 




Pattaya is a very elegant but playful font in Canva that I've recently been loving so hard. I think it's super versatile without being boring. 



Galada is another versatile font that can cross genres easily. This font in particular works really well in a more vintage vibe but you can still achieve that modern look if you play around with the settings. SO fun. 



Lemonada is more unique but is still a lot of fun to play around with because it has that rounded Serif look but almost looks San Serif. 



Permanent Marker is a font I love because it makes me feel like I'm living in a comic book. It's like every other word that I'm saying is "pop", "bam" or "pow". 



Script Fonts



Dancing Script is the perfect cross between formal and playful which is so hard to find with a script font. 



Clicker Script is THE playful of all playful script fonts. It's absolutely adorable, it's like looking at a baby panda cute. I just really like this font because it's super unique and does its own thing.



Magnolia Script is very similar to a few of the fonts in the Retro theme so I feel like you can make this font work for a ton of different eras. 




Petit Formal Script is probably my favorite of all the fonts in this category because it's very formal but still clean-cut. It's honestly just so pretty to look at especially with the upstrokes. Yesss upstrokes! 




Playlist Script is a great standard hand-written font if you want something that isn't too exciting. It's not always my go-to because there are quite a few hand-written fonts on Canva that are pretty superior. 



Lemon Tuesday is a really cute font that's weirdly similar to Every Tuesday's's font, I don't know what that's about but it honestly might be hers on Canva. She's pretty rad. 



Selima is probably my favorite for hand-lettering on Canva. It's just sooo pretty to look at and has quite a few imperfections that make it feel so wholesome. I also love the dry-brush look! 



Virtual is very clean but still has that bounce lettering look to it which I love love love. 



Shadow is really really playful but more upright and imperfect.


Download my cheat sheet for combining fonts!


Canva really is the gift that keeps on giving. I hope you guys loved seeing all my favorite (and free!) fonts in Canva and found a font to fall in love with today. I really can't stop recommending Canva because it's just a phenomenal resource to have, especially when there are so many options all for free. 


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