How to Set Up a Branded Amazon Affiliate Page

entrepreneurship Mar 27, 2022
How to set up a branded Amazon affiliate page

So you've just joined the Amazon affiliate program and are stuck on what to do next? Don't worry, I'm here to help! In this step-by-step tutorial I'll show you EXACTLY how to create a beautifully branded Amazon affiliate page and how to keep it organised so it's easy for visitors to use (you'll be surprised, but this is actually a different program from the one we talked about before).



Cute, right?!


Prefer watching this tutorial instead? I gotchu.



Step 1: Sign Up for Amazon Influencer

I know, I know. Another sign up. But this will help you keep all your recommendations organised nicely and will make it way easier for people to browse. Head over to the Amazon Influencer page and create your account. 



PRO TIP: use the same account that is linked to your affiliate account.



Step 2: Set Up Your Idea List

Head over to your shop front and you'll see a button that says Create Content. That's where you need to start to be able to create lists!



From there, you will be able to see all the different content options you can add. The one we're after is Idea List



You'll be able to give your list a unique name and a brief description that will help the viewers understand what the list is about. Once your list is created, you'll have a bunch of spaces to fill with the products you want to recommend.



Step 3: Add Products

You'll be able to search through all the products Amazon has to offer and add your favourites to the list - it's that simple!



It might take you a minute or two to find the exact product you're after, color and add. But once you find it, just add it to your list and you're good to go. 



To add more items later, make sure you're in edit mode, enter the list you want to add to and you'll be able to see the search bar again.

And that's it! Told you it would be easy 😉 Browse my store front some ideas and inspiration (plus I have some really fun recommendations for you mkay).


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