Canva Walkthrough for FREE accounts

entrepreneurship May 23, 2021
How to use Canva for free accounts

I'm sure you know of Canva by now. You've seen people use it to simplify their graphics and designs by using templates, but do you REALLY know how to use it to help you streamline your process as a creative and still stand out? If you don't - I'm coming to the rescue with this quick walkthrough of all the features Canva offers for FREE and how to use them. Let's dive in!



Pssst...if you prefer watching the walkthrough instead, head over to this video I made just for you because I'm nice like that.



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Canvas sizes

There's a great variety of options available depending on where you want to post your image or graphic. Instagram, Facebook, brochure, resume and so so many more are all there for you if you want to start creating a design from scratch (which is what I often go for). And if you know the exact dimensions you want to use, you can also set up your own custom canvas size.


Storing designs

Once you start creating lots and lots of designs, it might get difficult to track them down - like when you have too many art pens, it's important to stay organized. But luckily for you, alllll the designs you create get saved within your account so you can go back and download them (or maybe even reuse?) at any time. 




In case you need some inspiration, Canva has a tooooonnnnn of templates ready to use, and within different design categories, too! It makes things really really easy.



There's a bunch of photos available for you to use but just keep in mind that not all of them are free. When you browse the catalogue, hover over the photo  and you'll see it will say "free" or "premium" in the bottom right hand corner.



Throwing a few elements into your template here and there can really make a difference in how your final design looks. You can use trending graphics, grids to split your design into the sections that will allow you to upload and display photos in a specific way, shapes, frames, stickers, lines...I think you get my point, there's A LOT for you to play around with. 





A really straight-forward but useful feature that allows you to set headings, change up your text by adjusting spacing, height, color and so on. Canva also offers presets for text pairings that will allow you to create a cool look just by adding in your own text. Pretty cool huh?





Lots of options here and, again, so many of them are free. You can use them to add texture and gradients that you can later place text on top of. I'll be honest, this feature isn't something that I have used but it might work perfectly for you - we're all different, right?



Another one that you most likely expected - you can upload your own photos to create a graphic as well. Crop them, resize them, flip them, apply filters - do whatever you see fit. If you want to learn how to edit your art photography quickly AND easily, I have some tips for you.



Aaand breathe out. I know that was a lot and you probably ran out of snacks by now, but I wanted to make sure I covered all the good stuff so you know how Canva works. Now we can get into the fun part - designing! 

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