Create a 3D Monogram Letter in Procreate

lettering procreate Jan 30, 2020


It's been on my to-do list for quite a while to play with standalone letters and create a monogram featuring their unique shapes. There is so much versatility in creating these designs even though your focus is just on a single letter.

I finally had the opportunity to jump in when I discovered The Kickoff Lettering Toolbox for Procreate. Truthfully, I just wanted these brushes because they are some of the best pressure-responsive texture brushes I've come across and I was eager to play.  

Note: You don't need to have this set to follow along with this tutorial, but if you want to use the same brushes I'm using, click here to grab the pack.

Not only does this pack come with brushes, but it also includes a BUNCH of guides and step-by-steps to achieve unique designs. It ALSO has a BUNCH of prebuilt color palettes (MY FAV)!


Anyway, let's actually create some fun stuff. If you want to follow along with the brushes I'm using, click here to grab The Kickoff Lettering Toolbox.


Step 1: Create a Canvas

My canvas size is 16"x16" at 300 DPI. You can choose any size, even the default square canvas within Procreate.


Step 2: Draw the Letter

While I wanted to take advantage of calligraphy's varying stroke widths, I also wanted to add a little oomph to my design to make it mine. I'm a huge fan of ball serifs, so I picked a couple of places that it would look good with the flow of the letter. I used the Filbert Brush Pen from the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox (seriously LOVE this brush).


Step 3: Duplicate the Layer

Duplicate the layer twice. You can do this by sliding your finger to the left on the layer you want to copy, then select Duplicate.


Step 4: Change Colors

Change the color of the two bottom layers to a new color. Do this by selecting one of the layers, then grabbing the color from the top right and dragging it onto the letter. 


Step 5: Reposition the Bottom Layer

Drag the bottom layer away from the other layers. I have positioned the bottom layer just off to the left and underneath a bit.


Step 6: Connect the Bottom Layers

Merge the two bottom layers together. You can do this by going to the Layers panel and either pinching the two layers together or tapping the layer on top and selecting merge down

Next, draw straight lines to connect the top layer to the bottom layer.

Once connected, use your brush to fill in the empty space between the lines. 

Now that we've build our letter, let's get to the fun part and add #allthetexture.

Step 7: Create a Clipping Mask

Create a layer just above your bottom layer. Tap the empty layer and select clipping mask. This will make it so that anything drawn on the new layer will only affect what is on the layer beneath it.

Step 8: Add Texture

Add allllll the texture your little heart desires! I chose a slightly darker color first and laid down texture completely all over the letter. I'm using the Distressed Crumbles brush in the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox.

Next, I selected an even darker color and applied it only on the areas below the lines. This is where the 3D effect comes into play. Ideally, this would be on a separate clipping mask just above the initial clipping mask (watch the video for additional help at 10:50). 

In areas that shift from below a line to beside a line, I took my eraser and created a straight line to disconnect the dark part from the side (watch the video for additional help at 11:40).


Step 9: Add Adornments

I decided that leaves would be the perfect adornment to my letters so I chose their placement and used the Chalky Pastel 01 brush from the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox.

You'll also see that I've added my background in. In the video, I do this step at the end, but you can do it at any point. I created my background and added a layer above it to put in some additional texture.

Loving what you see from the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox? Grab it cuz whoa it's gonna be a real good time. 


Step 10: Interact with the Letter

After adding the main shape of the leaves, I added the stems. I wanted them to interact with the letter so I made sure to draw the loops of the stems large enough that they overlap the edges of the letter's thickness. I used the Broken Inker brush from the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox

Notice in this example, I've started to erase part of the stem. More on this in the next step. 


Step 11: More Texture, Please

Now we'll add texture to the leaves. I selected a slightly lighter color than the color on the leaves and repeated the same process by applying the texture to a clipping mask above my leaves layer. I used the Line Sketch Filling brush from the Lettering Kickoff Toolbox.


Step 12: Extras

Add any extras you'd like! I added tiny little blooms to accompany the leaves.



Here's what the pack includes:

  • 22 Lettering Brushes (3 Pencils, 7 Brush Pens , 5 Inkers, 3 Chalky Pastels and 4 Shaders)
  • 55 Ornamental Brushes (Inlays and Florals)
  • Over 130 pages Procreate Lettering Workbook and a PDF Printout version of Lettering Workbook
  • 12 Colour Palettes
  • An Easy-to-Follow PDF Installation Guide