How to Create Custom Cookie Banner for Your Website

entrepreneurship May 09, 2021
How to create a website cookie banner

Let's talk about cookies. Not the ones your sweet grandma makes when you come over, but the kind that pop up on all the websites you visit and track your every move đź‘€...

First, let's address the basics:

What are cookies?

They are small pieces of data that are used to optimize and improve your browsing experience on any website (so that the website knows you've visited it before and remembers some of your preferences, for example).

Do you need to have a cookie disclaimer on your website?

YES. It's the law. If you're using cookies, you need to tell your site visitors about it. So there's that.

A lot of the pop ups and disclaimers websites use are very in-your-face and really dampen your experience when browsing. And I'm sure you wouldn't want that for your customers. So, here I am, ready to show you how to add a small yet important piece of code while still making it cohesive with your brand.

Note: I'm using Kajabi as my website provider, so some steps might differ for you a little, but the overall gist of things should be the same.


Wanna watch the walkthrough instead?


Step 1: Go to your site settings

Wherever that may be. If you're not sure - Google is always there for you. If it doesn't help, contact your website's support team and I'm sure they'll be able to guide you in the right direction. For Kajabi, settings are located in your left hand side menu bar (this option is only visible if you're a site admin!). Once you're there, go to site details and scroll down riiiiight to page scripts.


Real quick, if you want to learn more useful website tricks, I can show you how to figure out which font is used on a specific website and find out who their website provider is. Cuz the envy is real. It's the little things.


Step 2: Find a cookie script you want to use

 There are several out there so just see which you prefer. Some are free, some are paid but give you more options - totally up to you and also depends on how many cookies you're using and how intrusive they are. I'm using cookieinfoscript.com because it's super easy to introduce to your website. Once you've found the one you like, paste it into your page scripts section.


Step 3: Customize the pop up

If you want the cookie disclaimer to still be somewhat pretty and not interfere with your branding too much, you can introduce your own HEX codes that match your color palette. Watch my video walk through to see exactly what I decided to change and add.


You're done!

Doesn't that look nice? It does, don't lie to me.



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