Create a DIY Kinetic Brass Mobile

diy Jan 22, 2021

Brass mobiles create a beautiful addition to any decor. Their elegant, slim profile matched with beautiful golden-toned metal ignite the play within us, while maintaining the sophistication of modern design. I began experimenting with different ways I could balance beautiful brass elements when I wanted to give gifts that I created by hand one year, and they were such a joy to create, that I knew I had to bring this project to all of you as well. I'm so excited to bring you the unexpected DIY that will add a touch of beauty to your own home, or to give as a gift.




This class is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of understated, minimal design in the form of suspended shine. You might be a crafter, and artist, or even an accountant! You don't need any previous experience in working with metals. You simply need the supplies I'll be covering right away in the class, which I've linked easily in the class as well so you can snag them quickly and dive right in. 


After watching this class, you'll have built a beautiful kinetic mobile for your 

home or to give as a gift (you're gonna wanna keep it though… I kept 3)! 

Click here to create these coveted gems!

Note: This class is on Skillshare. If you're not yet a member, the link I've provided will unlock 2 weeks premium for free (no commitments).