Create a Glitter Outline on Procreate

lettering procreate Feb 28, 2021
Create a Glitter Outline on Procreate

Hi everybody! Today I'm going over how to apply a glitter or foil overlay on top of an outline because, who doesn't need more glitter and shiny things in their life? Also, it's the last day of February, so in honor of that, let's get this text glammed up with glitter in the name of March. What does that even mean? 

I recently went over how to apply an outline to text in a previous video here, so definitely check that out as well. Today we're going over something even better. GLITTER. OUTLINES. Spoiler alert: no lettering expertise needed, it's super easy.

Per usual I included a video at the bottom of this page for ya to see this tutorial in moving action.






Step 1: Add text and create your outline



Create your outline by adding some text and heading over to your wrench icon. From the text menu, simply select the "outline" icon (an "O" with an outline) in the bottom right of your screen. Boom, bam, all done! 



Step 2: Insert your glitter image



 Create a new layer and once again, hit that wrench icon. From there, select "insert a photo" and  choose what glitter overlay you want to use. 



Step 3: Change the blend mode



Adjust the size of your glitter picture to make sure it's covering your text. Go into your layers and select the "N" icon next to your glitter layer. Instead of "normal" change it to "lighten". Yeah... it's really THAT easy. 



You guys know me so you know I love a clipping mask shortcut too. You can use a clipping mask to achieve the same thing. Do this by selecting the glitter layer and choose "clipping mask".



If you want to add color inside of this outline, I'm going over it in the next steps!



Step 4 (optional): Make your text layer a reference layer



Create a new layer on top, go back to your text layer and select "reference" to reference it.

Reference is this magical tool where it only references (hence the name) the pixels that are on that specific layer. In turn, you can go on a new layer, work on that and apply it as if you're working on the text layer. 



Head back to your new layer, go to your "select" icon (looks like a ribbon "S") and select "automatic" from the four options.

Select each letter of your text to fill with your chosen color. Make sure you have color fill selected on the menu that pops up on the bottom of your screen. Don't worry about the glitter overlay being on top of the text, once you finish with color fill it will go away.




Viola! You now have a wonderful glitter outline to make your text more sparkly and joyous. It's the little things that can spice up your work sometimes and it makes my heart happy to help you do so. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and now can make everything a little more sparkly. 



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