Create a Macramé Wall Hanging Using 5 Easy Knots

diy Sep 11, 2018
Create a Macramé Wall Hanging Using 5 Easy Knots

Learn 5 easy macramé knots in this step-by-step tutorial to create a lovely wall hanging. There is endless possibility when it comes to what you can produce with the art of macramé, including but certainly not limited to - plant hangers, hammocks, rugs, jewelry, netting, pillow covers, keychains, table runners, swings, bags, etc. I could go on forever. In this class, you will learn how to create a beautiful macramé wall hanging




While this is a guided class, you will learn easy techniques that will allow you to confidently recreate the knots you learned to produce a masterpiece of your very own! 



For this class, you will need a macramé cord (or synthetic/acrylic, yarn, etc.), a dowel/driftwood/stick (anything to attach your cord to so it can hang), and scissors! I also highly recommend some good tunes. You can really get into your groove when you're listening to some jams. You will learn more about tools and materials in the class.




Some student projects...

 by Lei Narido

by Grace Foster

by Ashley Harrison