Create a Mood Board in Canva

business May 02, 2021
Create a Mood Board in Canva

Creating mood boards is such a fun way to get inspired for an upcoming project or just to dream. I've always found myself more relaxed and feeling assured after making a mood board, it's quite literally, a mood stabilizer. For those of us who have thoughts bouncing all over our heads all day, mood boards are the best way to organize all of those thoughts in one place. 

If you like moving visuals, I've included the video version of this rundown at the bottom of this page!




Today we're working on mood boards using Canva, which is one of my absolute favorite websites (but works more like an application) for my graphic content needs. Canva is perfect for those of us who are either new to the design world or maybe just don't feel too confident about the graphic design process. Canva is a great starting point for graphics and there are SO many ways to make your project truly your own. 

For my mood board, I'm concentrating on my hopes and dreams for my living room. 


Background Remover Tool


I always start by saving some images that go with the overall aesthetic of my mood board. Don't worry about the images having backgrounds because we can remove them super easily. Being able to remove a background from an image is one of my favorite features about Canva. See all those shadows around the legs of the couch? They'll be gone so quick too.



Do this by selecting the image, go to Effects at the top left and select the background remover. This is by far one of the smartest background remover tools I've ever used. It's definitely smarter than me, which is a little scary but I'm okay with it.



Drag some more images into your mood board and use the background remover again. Also please do not judge me for wanting recliners. It's the natural progression of life, you go from the cute but not as comfy couch in your mid 20's to full recliner mode in your 30's. It's just the way of life and you're no better than me! 


Flip Image Tool



Another thing you can do with Canva is flip your images to match the direction you need your image to go in. Do this by selecting your image and click on "flip" at the top of the toolbar and adjust the rotation if needed (by using the small circle icon when you have your image selected).

Canva is so so so great for those of us who either have very little to no time OR just don't feel confident in our graphic design skills. A lot of times people think that Photoshop is the only way to make cool graphics for your website or social media. While Photoshop is cool and useful, if you aren't looking to master a program at that level, I one million percent recommend Canva to you.



More on that background remover tool. I'm not exaggerating when I say I use this for everrrrrrrything. I make a ton of my banners with Canva because I'm able to remove the background on images of my face and look at the level of detail it accomplishes. Strands of hair level of detail, it's unbelievable. 



I would solely base my support of Canva on this background remover. I can't sing Canva's praises any higher than I already am, I quite literally can't stop telling people about it. Start using Canva right now and make your dreams come true!






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