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Create a Repeating Pattern in 10 Minutes

classes - digital software Feb 21, 2020
Create a Repeating Pattern in 10 Minutes

In this class, we will cover how to create a seamless repeating pattern using vectorized artwork. Don't worry, this short class also covers how to vectorize your art! You'll be pumping out patterns like crazy in no time.



You will need Adobe Illustrator for this class.



If you need to digitize your artwork before we get started making our patterns, take my class on 4 Ways to Digitize your artwork, and then come on back!



Surface patterns are so fun to create and can be used for a limitless amount of things including....

Home Decor
Phone Cases
Art Prints
Book Covers

LIMITLESS opportunities!




Class Projects:


By Sue Lork


By Maja Osadowska



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