Create an Easy Watercolor Envelope Design

painting Jan 23, 2020

Hello, all! Kristina Werner here with a simple, fun envelope mail art idea! I’ve been doing mail art for many years and let me tell you—It can become addictive! This easy tutorial is a great way to dip your toes into mail art and send a colorful envelope to a loved one.



Step 1

Use an envelope punch board or envelope template to create a watercolor paper envelope. Do NOT assemble the envelope. It is easier to paint and work on the envelope when it in flat.


Step 2

Use 1” masking tape to block off the outer edges of the envelope (just past the folds). Use ¼” masking tape to mask off sections, leaving a larger rectangular section near the middle (to be used for the eventual mailing address). Run your fingertips over all of the tape to make sure it is secure before painting.


Step 3

Paint a few sections of the envelope with colorful watercolors. Paint the remaining sections with a pale gray. Let dry.


Step 4

Carefully remove the masking tape. TIP: Bend the tape back completely on itself while removing it, instead of lifting the tape directly up. This will diminish any tearing of the paper during removal.


Step 5

Apply adhesive to the bottom flap of the envelope. Fold the side in, and then fold the bottom flap up.


Step 6

Write the recipient’s address on a spare piece of watercolor paper (I used the remnants from the creation of the envelope). Use the same black marker or pen you will be using on the envelope. Cut out the address in strips and place on envelope. This gives you an idea of placement and will help you get the address centered within the area. Using the black pen, write the recipient’s address on the envelope.

 NOTE: Address used with permission. Thank you, Jill!


Step 7

Draw white lines around the outer edge of each gray area with a white gel pen.


Step 8

Adhere the postage stamps. Generally, I use a first class postage stamp, plus a couple vintage stamps for added color (and also just in case the envelope needs additional postage).


Step 9

Time to protect the watercoloring! Distress Micro Glaze will “lock in” the watercolor and prevent any damage from moisture while in transit. Use your fingertips to rub a large pea-size amount Distress Micro Glaze over the surface of the envelope.

 NOTE: Avoid going over the postage stamps with Micro Glaze. Micro Glaze makes the surface slick and the postal service will not be able to cancel the postage. Leave the postage stamps as is.


Step 10

Once the Micro Glaze is spread out over the watercolor, gently buff the area with a paper towel to remove any excess Micro Glaze. Let dry.


You can see many more Mail Art envelopes at my YouTube Channel, as well as my Instagram where I’m sharing my #mailartrainbow.