Create Realistic Lettering in Procreate

lettering procreate Apr 25, 2021
Create Realistic Lettering in Procreate

I'm sure you all know by now that I've been SO into the AquaReal Watercolour Brush pack from Lisa Glanz lately. I've been working on so many fun projects with realistic watercolor feels and so today I'm showing you how to create realistic lettering with this brush pack!

Now hear me out, I know that the smudge marks and streaks in our lettering are not ideal. But... what about that organic, hand drawn look? We totally smudge ink all the time. If you don't, you're not human, go away. So what if I told you that these smeared-AF streaks are actually artificial?! They're not real AND they're done on Procreate. It's so easy to make your Procreate lettering look realistic, so let's get on it!






This brush pack was made with the intention to make realistic watercolor paintings on your iPad but I decided to take it another direction...as I like to do sometimes. You can check out some of my other tutorials with this set here (realistic canyons!) + here (realistic eucalyptus!) cuz did I mention I'm obsessed with this pack? I'm sure there will be many more tuts to come. 

There's so much we can do to really make this lettering come to life and look soooo realistic, just like pen and paper. This brush pack is just so magical. 

I have a video of this whole process that I've included at the bottom for you to see this babe in action.



The first brush I'm using is the all-rounder brush which is a stunning brush all around (heh, get it?) and is so versatile.



This next brush I jumped into was the bristle brush for dry paint and I love using this one to pull down your fake ink to create some really organic textures that look so freaking believable. I definitely went to town with the smudging effect because I was awe-struck by how realistic this looked. 



Next, I go in with the wet blender (which is on the brush setting) and I went over some of the harsh edges and make it look more like a seamless bleed rather than an overlap. This brush pack is hands down the fastest way to create a realistic lettering using your Procreate.



So this one is quick. It's true. But there's not much to it. Thanks for following this very quick walk-through of one of my absolute favorite brush packs right now, AquaReal Watercolour Brush Pack by Lisa Glanz. I have zero bad things to say about this pack, which means it's the real deal guys. Grab your own today!




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