How to Embroider a Dandelion

diy Jan 14, 2021
How to Embroider a Dandelion

Have you ever wondered how to go about making your own hand embroidery project, completely from scratch? In this simple tutorial, I'll show you how to use three stitches (split stitch, backstitch, and straight stitch) to make a cute little dandelion hand embroidery. Check out the tutorial and follow along, it’ll be fun! Who knows, you may find your perfect stitch during this tutorial. 

Hey there, I’m Dana from Peacock & Fig, I am a cross stitch & hand embroidery designer and teacher, and I wanted to help you get your stitch groove on!





Step 1: Choose an image to draw onto your hoop



To draw the image onto the fabric, you may find it easier to draw on the fabric once it's stretched in the hoop (as I demonstrate in the video). Draw using a FriXion pen or water-soluble marker (or a permanent pen or pencil if you are careful to cover the lines)

For your image, you can use public domain photography sites such as Pexels! Trust me, there is no shortage of beautiful pictures of dandelions. 



Step 2: Begin stitching your stem 



Split stitch: For the stem of our dandelions, I'm using 3 strands for a split stitch and backstitch. This may seem complicated at first, but it's actually one of the most universal ways to hand stitch! 



Backstitch: Back stitching is as simple as it sounds -- we'll be stitching from the back of our hoop! If these methods aren't comfortable for you, feel free to change it up! Everyone's workflow is different. I'll be discussing the straight stitch method in the next step.



Step 3: Stitch your seed pods



Straight stitch: I'm using two strands for the seed pods in the straight stitch. For the seed pods, it's totally ok to overlap lines to make it fuller, and add more in if desired!




If you're loving the straight stitch method, I highly recommend using it for the flowers as well! This is when your dandelion starts coming together to be the beauty it truly is! 



Step 4: Stitch your flowers



Grab a lighter embroidery floss to start stitching your flowers. I really like the contrast between the yellow and blue so those are the colors I decided to go with!



And that's it! Embroidery can be intimidating sometimes, especially for beginners, but trust the process and keep creating. Embroidery is a huge stress relief and a form of relaxation! When life seems too chaotic, sit back, relax, and embroider something sweet. 

I hope you enjoy creating your own dandelions, and I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to tag me @peacockandfig on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your handy dandy hand embroidery creation. :)







Hi there, I’m Dana Batho, I’m the owner and designer at Peacock & Fig! As well as having fun with surface pattern design and illustration, I specialize in designing cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns (many featuring a fair whack of sass). I also enjoy helping people learn to up their stitching skills with free tutorials and Skillshare classes.



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