How to Draw a Ribbon Banner

design team - theresa drawing Feb 14, 2022
How to draw a banner for lettering

Learning how to draw a banner doesn’t have to be tricky. The simple banner drawing that you’ll master today will have you making banners on your bullet journals, making cute banner drawings, and doodling banners whenever you get the chance. The steps to make a ribbon banner are broken down for you below along with some inspiration if you want to see how your hand lettered quote looks flowing on a ribbon surrounded by wildflowers.




Fancy watching this tutorial instead?



Step 1: Make a Parenthesis

Think of a word or phrase that you want inside of your ribbon. Make the distance between the parenthesis long enough to fit your first word or phrase, depending on the length of your phrase and how you want to lay it out.




Step 2: Repeat Step 1 For Each Line You Need

Here, a three word phrase is being demonstrated. The second word is smaller than the first and last which is why the parentheses on the second line are slightly closer together.




Step 3: Connect the Parenthesis

On the top and bottom of each parenthesis, draw a line to connect your banner to the other side. Don’t worry if your lines are straight, friendly reminder that a ribbon blowing in the wind is rarely straight!




Step 4: Add Top Ribbon Tail

Above the top left side of the ribbon draw an S curve that starts moving away from the line and then curves down into a spiral towards the top line. Connect the open areas by drawing a line down to add what will look like the back top of the ribbon




Step 5: Add the Ribbon Backing

On the top left corner of the next line down, draw a diagonal line up to the line above. Move to the right on that line until you reach the bottom corner, then draw a parallel diagonal line down to the line below.




Step 6: Repeat Step 5 For Each Line 




Step 7: Add Bottom Ribbon Tail

On the bottom right side of the ribbon draw an S curve going the opposite direction of the top (in step 4). Connect the open areas by drawing a line up to add what will look like the back bottom of the ribbon.




Step 8: Add Embellishments, Lettering and Ink

Dress up your ribbon banner by surrounding it with florals or other embellishments. Add your word or phrase to the inside of your ribbon. Then all that is left is to go over your work in ink!




Here is a look at my completed piece. I decided to letter the phrase “Embrace Your Uniqueness” as a reminder that it is a good thing to be different. I’ve been learning under Peggy for a while now. Her constant reminder that our art has value simply because we created it has motivated me in a lot of ways. We all have a story to share - no one else is exactly like you - which is a perfectly valid reason for your art to look different than mine and why mine looks different than Peggy’s. No one is any better or any worse because of these differences, but each piece has its own beauty because of who it was created by.


Grab a set of your very own Monoline Studio pens - THE best pens for drawing. We would know *wink wink*


After I finished this piece I thought that it looked like something fun to color, make sure you download it so you can always be reminded to embrace your uniqueness, you beautiful unicorn you!



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