How to Draw a Monstera Deliciosa Plant

design team - leanne drawing Nov 09, 2021
How to draw a monstera leaf

If you've been waiting for a chance to practice your lineart, this is your sign. I love drawing plants, they can be so simple yet cute, and you can later convert them into a pattern or another type of product you might like.

Hi everyone! It’s Leanne here from The Pigeon Letters Design team! In this mini-series, I’m going to show you how to draw three of my favorite plant leaves! We’ll be drawing leaves from a Fiddle-leaf fig plant, a Calathea plant and a Monstera Deliciosa plant.




These are a few of my favorite plants. They are among some of the most popular plants because they are very striking in shape and design. They just have a lovely uniqueness to them, beautiful shape, and patterns. I just love them. They look so beautiful in your house, and they bring me so much joy when I look at them. Today's we're drawing the Monstera. Are you ready?




This is a Heavyweight paper with a smooth surface. Ideal for pencil, ink and marker. Erases cleanly, acid free and comes in a fold over pad with 20 sheets of 150 lb/240 gsm paper. I love this paper for playing with ink.


This is my favorite sketching pencil because it’s very light and it’s super easy to erase. If you don’t have this pencil, I recommend using any light pencil, HB is a common pencil that comes in a sketching set. And if you don’t have sketching pencils, I recommend getting some!! They make such a big difference!! It was a game changer for me. I had used a regular pencil for years and this made my erasing so much easier.Of course, if you have a regular pencil or prefer a regular pencil, just sketch lightly  


  • A good eraser: I think everyone has their own preference, but I love the Prismacolor ArtGum erasers! It erases very clean and doesn’t leave smears like others. 


  • Ink pens:

The Pigeon letters Monoline Studio Archival Pens! The 03 is my favorite. The set comes with an 01, 03, and 05. All are great and really, it’s just your preference!   


Prefer watching the tutorial instead?




Step 1: Lightly Sketch Your Guide

It’s like a heart with a dip at the top.



Step 2: Draw a line in the middle

And add in the splits in the leaf. This Monstera has lots of splits! So, you can add as many or little as you like. 



Step 3: Outline!

Erase any sketch lines once you are done outlining. And add additional holes in the middle of the leaf if you want! 




Feel like drawing another plant after this amazing tutorial? We've got you covered! This guide is all you need! 





Now that you can draw the leaves you can draw the whole plant!! All you need is stems, more leaves and a pot!! So easy to make a cute houseplant line drawing!! Seriously, it’s the same for each plant!! ;)



Here’s some cute facts about a Monstera Deliciosa Plant: 


  • The holes in the leaves serve as a function. In the tropical rainforests there’s many storms so the holes allow the rain and wind to go through the leaf to avoid damage. 
  • Monstera means ‘Strange’ in Latin! 
  • The plant by many names, sometimes called ‘Swiss Cheese’ plant, Monstera Pertusum, or Split leaf Philodendron. It’s so confusing  
  • Monstera produces fruit!! It tastes like the combination of strawberries, passion fruit, mango, and pineapple. Yum!!
  • All the holes the Monstera has already existed when the plant first produces foliage, so no new holes are created through its life span! 


Thank you so much for drawing with me today! I hope you had as much fun as I have! And I hope enjoyed this drawing min-series! Please tag me @leannemarkle on IG so I can see all the cute plants you’ve been making! 

See you in the next tutorial! Byeeeee  


Originally from NM, Leanne gets inspiration from nature after moving to the beautiful PNW 20 years ago. She's drawn to the green trees, water, mountains and flowers growing all around her. Making art is all she's ever wanted to do so you can find always find her drawing (and occasionally tending to her rainbow flower garden in Animal Crossing. Check out more of Leanne's tutorials over here!


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