How To Draw Or Paint A Beautiful Mountain Scene In A Few Easy Steps

design team - shannon drawing painting Aug 06, 2021
how to draw a watercolor mountain scene

Do you want to learn how to draw or paint a really cool mountain scene in just a few easy steps? Well, that’s what we’re doing today! Pen an ink mountains can look a bit challenging but they really are easy to do in a just a few simple steps. Plus these are perfect for beginners as they don’t need to be realistic at all!  

Shannon here from The Pigeon Letters Design Team and  in this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to draw mountains using a monoline pen. Then to make our piece a little more interesting, we’re going to paint a watercolor sky behind the mountains.  

So let’s get started with the supplies you’ll need!





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Step 1: Sketch It Out

Use tape of your choice to mask a border around your paper. 



Then, use your pencil to lightly sketch your mountains. Think of the mountains as a continuous line, from one edge of the paper to the other with a few peaks and valleys.




These particular mountains that we’ll be drawing today come from Peggy’s Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor.






Step 2: Draw Your Mountains

Use your larger monoline pen to draw the mountains you sketched in the previous step. Usually when I’m drawing mountains, I skip the sketching and just draw the line with my pen. For some reason, I tend to end up with a better line and maybe that’s because it takes away the option of erasing and trying to make the line ‘perfect’. 



Next, you’re going to draw a zig-zag line starting at the peak of each mountain and ending at the bottom of the page. 




Step 3: Add Texture and Shading 

In order to add your shading and shadows, you need to decide where your light source will be. In this piece my light is coming from the moon which will be in the upper left side of the paper. Therefore the shadows will be on the opposite/right side. 

Then you’re going to draw in some long, jagged, diagonal lines on the shadow side of each mountain. These lines should start at the zig-zag line and be parallel to the slope of the line you drew in step 1. And on the other side of the zig-zag line, draw some shorter dashed lines.



When you’re happy with your mountains, use the smaller monoline pen to add short thin lines on the shadow side of the mountains. 



Optional : You can use a black brush pen to add a few thicker lines on the shadow side of the mountain, if you want to add a bit more contrast.




Step 4: Paint the Sky

Using a paintbrush, paint the sky using a dark blue color. You can use the tip of your brush or a smaller brush to carefully paint along the edge of the mountains, making sure you don’t get any color inside the mountains.




Step 5: Finishing Touches!

Once the sky is dry, use white ink/paint to splatter some stars across the sky. If you’re using paint then you can place a piece of scrap paper to cover the mountains so that you don’t get any splatters on them.



Then add a big bright moon using a metallic medium of your choice, I’m using gold acrylic paint.   

Then you can remove your tape and that’s it!




Shannon is a freelance artist from a small island in the Caribbean called Barbados! She creates fun and unique content, whether it's with markers, watercolors, acrylics or on the iPad to inspire other creatives. Check out more of her tutorials here!


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