Let's Draw Playful Fruits in Procreate

procreate May 16, 2021
How to draw playful fruit in Procreate

Who else loves drawing fruit? They can be so fun to experiment with as part of your creative practice, but I'm going to make them even MORE fun for you with this step-by-step tutorial. Follow along in Procreate (or any medium of your choice so long as you keep those fruits playful 😉) and make sure to tag me (@thepigeonletters) when you share your results, I'd love to see them! And when you do, tell me what your favorite fruit is, just because I love fun facts.


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Step 1: Draw an Imperfect Circle



I'm drawing all the fruits from memory because they're going to be FUN. This will give your little fruits more of an organic feel. Once you're happy with the shape, color it in with the same brush - do you see all that beautiful texture coming through?




Step 2: Create a Stem and Leaves

Don't be afraid to go WILD with your colors - it's the best part about this playful drawing. I went with purple because why not?




Are you in love with this brush pack yet? Grab yourself one and feel the joy of being a kid (you know, when you used crayons for EVERYTHING?)


Step 3: Add Highlights and Shadows

Now for the best part. I'm using Texture Table for shading (did I mention all of these were sampled from REAL crayons?!) and going in with a lighter purple to give my tangerine some juicy highlights.



Create a new layer and start gently adding in your shadows. Try not to go too hard with the pencil pressure - unless strong, dark shadows are the look you're after. Concentrate on the edges and bring it in a little bit to keep the main color of your fruit the focus.



Make your brush size a bit smaller and add some extra definition around the edges.




Step 4: Smooth It Out

Take a close look at what you're created so far and see if you're happy with the amount of texture going on, especially around the edges. If you are, well aren't you just amazing? If not, you can go in with an eraser (you can use any brush as an eraser but this crayon pack also comes with its own pre-defined erasers, too! They let you make your edges smoother and sharper while still keeping some of the texture). 




Step 5: Add Linework

Keep your linework loose and a bit abstract to create something a bit different to the norm. Usually, when we draw, you hold the pencil really close to the tip. But for this, I encourage you (can I demand? No? Well, consider this a strong encouragement) to hold it as far away from the tip as possible.



Not only that, but I also want you to offset your lines. You can do that either straight away or move it to the side if you're drawing on top of the fruit. 



How magical!?



Step 6: Add More Fruit

Let's mix it up a bit and start with the linework first this time. You might end up with a really awesome line drawing when approaching it this way, you just never know.




Step 7: Fill It In

Grab a different brush from the crayon pack and change up your color a bit. Don't forget to offset the shape a little to can that nice, abstract look.



Don't forget your leaves, they need some love, too!




Step 8: Create Your Background

Doing your background at the end is not the most popular approach, but it helps me see what colors and elements interact within my centre piece without getting distracted.



And there you have it, a fun, juicy, fruit treat for your kitchen 🍊


If you're not done with me yet and want to learn more Procreate tricks or check out different brushes I use, come paint a realistic watercolor canyon with me or some beautiful eucalyptus leaves.


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