How to Draw a Banner in Four Simple Steps

design team - maira drawing Jul 14, 2021
How to draw a simple banner

Have you ever seen those awesome banners and wish you knew how to draw them? Well, today is your day because I’m going to show you a simple technique that’ll have you beautiful banners in four simple steps!

You can use these types of banners to create cards for any occasion or amazing lettering compositions!

Before we get started, let me introduce myself - I’m Maira Vial from, a calligraphy and hand lettering blog. I’m so happy I can bring you this tutorial today as part of the Pigeon Letters Design Team!


First, let’s go over the tools we’ll be using to create these awesome banners:




  • Pencil
  • The Pigeon Letters monoline studio pens 01 and 03
  • Eraser
  • Paper of your choosing depending on the final project you’ll be creating. I’m using a 65 lb cardstock.



Grab yourself the monoline pens Maira is using and a cute pen pouch to store them in!


Psst..if you prefer watching the tutorial instead, here's a video version for you



Step 1: Draw a "Continuous/Inverted S Shape” Using Your Pencil

Grab your pencil and draw sort of like an inverted and continuous S shape. Keep in mind the length and width you’d like your banner to be. 

PRO TIP: if you’re using this banner to create a lettering composition or for a card, be sure to have the quote or message you’d like to write in your banner before hand. This way you can plan ahead and make sure your phrase will fit inside the banner. 




Step 2: Draw the Same Shape Underneath and Parallel to the One You Did in Step 1 

Now, draw the shape S underneath the one you did previously. Leave about half an inch in between the shapes. You can leave more space if you’d like. This all depends on how wide you want your banner sides to be. 



Connect both shapes on the sides and close both of the ends of the banner by drawing a horizontal V.

In this step, you can fix the banner sides and make it look how you’d like. 




Step 4: Get Creative and Add Details to Your Banner 

This might be my favorite step! 

It’s time to get creative with your banner. First thing I’ll recommend you to do is to go over the banner one more time and thicken the lines. This will help you fix any imperfect sides of the banner. 

You can add in lines to the back parts of the banner. To make it even better, be sure to make these lines in different lengths. You can even mix some dots in between the lines. 

Another detail you can add to the banner is curve lines on the sides. Be sure to make these lines small and in different lengths as well. This will give the banner a little more dimension!

That’s it! Those are the four simple steps to create awesome banner every time. 



Now let’s take it one step further and let me show you how you can use the same technique to create different types of banner doodles. 

For the previous banner we created, the opening was on the right side. For this banner, we’re going to flip it and have it open on the left side. 

This means we’ll start drawing the inverted “S” starting on the left side. 

Follow the same steps as before. The only difference is that instead of closing the ends of the banner with a “horizontal V’, we’ll close them with a line and add a swirl to the end of the banner and connected it to the banner itself.  

This is the end result of the second doodle using the same technique. 




Here you can see both banners next to each other. Which one you like best?



 As mentioned a the beginning, you can use these types of banners to create lettering compositions or cards for any occasion. 

For the first banner, I decided to add the quote “You are an amazing human” using my personal lettering style.  I chose this quote because I feel we all need this reminder daily. 

With the second banner, I chose to letter “Happy Father’s Day to you”. Father’s Day is coming up here in the United States and I thought it was the perfect fit for it. 




There you have a simple way to draw banner doodles!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and gave it a try. If you did, tag me on Instagram @vialdesigns and @thepigeonletters. To keep the fun going, send me a DM on IG and let me know if you’d like a traceable worksheet of these banners for you to practice along with me!

Happy banner doodling!


Maira is a Colombian artist living in sunny Florida, USA and has been creating art for as long as she can remember! After discovering calligraphy  6 years ago, she hasn't stopped practicing and learning, which has sparked her passion for helping other women become more creative by learning calligraphy through her easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials. Check out more of Maira's tutorials here!


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