Drawing Leaves for Relaxation

drawing painting Sep 23, 2022
How to draw leaves with ink and watercolor

I guess everybody needs a break to clear your mind, right? In today’s tutorial I am going to show you my exercise when I want to rest. What is more relaxing than using some calm watercolor and drawing simple leaves and that’s exactly what we are doing together.

Hello, folks! I am Gabriela from TulipArt Designs and today I am giving you the best art exercise for relaxation. Here is a short list of the supplies that we are going to need:






Step 1: Paint Your Background

Use your watercolor and the big round brush #12 to paint the background. You can make it in the center of your paper and leave a white frame. Don’t be worried if it’s not symmetrical or your lines are not straight… This is the charm of your drawing. Use a very light color and I recommend you to pick one of the cool colors like blues and greens, which are very calming for your eyes since you are going to look at it while drawing your leaves. Use more water to keep the background more transparent and it will not dominate too much. Make sure it is completely dry before going to the next step.




Step 2: Sketch Your Leaves

Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your branches and your leaves. Remember that this is an exercise to relax so don’t put too much energy into that step. 




Step 3: Ink Your Leaves

Use your biggest monoline to draw the branches and outline the leaves. Make the branches slightly bigger so your drawing will not look too flat.




Step 4: Draw the Details of Your Leaves

For this step we are going to doodle our details. Use your #01 or #03 monoline to draw all the inner lines. You can get creative and fill your leaves however you like. Maybe you would like dots or small circles, different figures or lines in the short or long direction of the leaves. In my case I draw lines through the long side of the leaves and I keep all the leaves the same style.




Step 5: Add Dimensions

To finish your drawing, you can add some extra small details around the leaves. Drawing some simple dots and little bubbles all around will make your drawing fully alive.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you learned something with me today. If you tried this exercise for yourself just share your artwork with Peggy @thepigeonletters and me on Instagram @tulipartnl, I would be happy to see what you’ve done. 



Gabriela Zamfirov is an artist with a big mission. She moved from Bulgaria to the Netherlands to be an architect, but after 6 years of following that dream, she decided to leave architecture to be a mom and to inspire people with her creations, whether using watercolors, gouache, pens, fineliners, markers, ipad and bunch of other materials. Gabriela loves nature and this is where she gets her ideas from. Follow her on Instagram @tulipartnl or check out her creations on her brand new YouTube channel TulipArt Designs. She also started her  teaching experience on Skillshare and runs a small business for eco-friendly products and plantable cards that she designs by herself.