How To Make A Minimalist Dutch Door Weekly Spread For Your BuJo

design team - doriana drawing Aug 18, 2021
How to create a dutch door spread

 I am sure you have seen one of those bullet journals that has pages divided into few mini sections in it, and has this beautiful busy layout where you can write down all your goals and plans in different sub-categories instead of a boring seven-day spread? This layout is called the Dutch Doors, and today I will show you how to make one yourself! This is going to be a quick and easy tutorial, and all you need for it is a pen - how awesome is that?





To make your dutch doors, you will need:




Note: I'm going to draw some flowers, and will use references from Botanical Line Drawing Book.



You can watch me do it, or draw your own!



Step 1: Plan Your Layout



First, you need to decide your layout. I chose to have two days of the week per page, and divide the side sections. The one on the left page will have a mini monthly calendar, a water intake tracker, and some space for my doodles. As for the section on the right, I like to keep the view of the week's most important events there. Also, leave some space to add a "word of the week" section.

The page in the middle is going to have that part cut out. That way we can see the side sections.


Start with a pencil, so you can map everything out. I used my Cheat Sheet to know how many squares to leave for each day of the week.



Step 2: Sketch Your Doodles



I decided to doodle three flowers from the Botanical Line drawing book. They look very cute and are very simple to draw. Remember, you can doodle whatever you want here, including drawings from your current Bullet Journal Theme.



Step 3: Line Art



Once you have the lines and the doodles, grab your pens. I'm using TPL Monoline Studio pens, they have archival ink in them and are waterproof, which prevents the ink from fading with time, and makes it perfect for journalling!

I start line art with flowers, and then make some dividing lines for the days of the week. Once you draw with pen over pencil lines, erase the pencil marks.



Step 4: Cut Out Your Shapes



Last but not least, we are going to cut out  the rectangle section we will not be using on the middle page. This is what makes it the 'Dutch Door' -  this way the sections are seen at all times.



And just like that, you're done! Yes it was this easy, and you have just made yourself an awesome Bullet Journal spread to stay organized in a fun way!




Doriana is inspired by Caribbean architecture and enjoys using gouache and watercolor, as well as her iPad to create vibrant and bold illustrations. She also loves using her bullet journal to stay organized! Check out more of Doriana's tutorials over here.


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