Embossing with Lettering for Beginners

diy Oct 10, 2019

Hi Friends! I’m Erin, better known as GoFontYourself around the ‘gram. I’m a huge fan of adding sparkle to any kind of crafty project so I’m going to show you a pretty simple way to go about it through embossing. Here is everything you need to do some quick custom shine!



Essential Items:

  • Cardstock paper (you can really emboss a ton of items which is why I love it so much, but to start, we’ll be practicing on any kind of thick paper)
  • Embossing Pen (Ranger Ink is my preferred brand)
  • Embossing Powder
  • Embossing Heat Tool (Note: Your hair dryer will not work. Embossing requires higher heat than hair dryers can achieve!)


Not Essential But Will Make Your Life Easier:

Step One: Clean Surface

Embossing powder sticks to everything - I mean EVERYTHING - so you want a dry and sticky-free surface to start. I like to use an anti-static bag by just lightly brushing it over the surface. This will help keep the embossing powder just where you want it and avoid a messy cleanup process.

Step Two: Write it Out

Using your embossing pen, write your word or phrase on cardstock paper. Keep in mind, you want to prevent as many tiny particles and hand oils from getting onto the paper as possible. When I say this powder sticks to everything, I mean it!

***Note: You can also use a stamp for this part and an embossing ink stamp pad instead of a pen.


Step Three: Powder Time

 Next, grab your favorite color of embossing powder and sprinkle it all over your word or phrase. Make sure you cover the entire surface.

Step Four: Clean it Up

Now that we’ve made a mess, let’s make sure we don’t waste any of that precious powder! You can use a plain piece of paper too, but I love my glitter tray to help with this part of the process. Take all that powder and shake it off into that tray. Then carefully, VERY carefully (unless you love finding glitter in unexpected places for way longer than you’d expect) pour the excess powder back into the bottle.

Step Five: Brush Off Excess Powder

You may notice some lone wandering pieces of powder around your writing. To make sure those aren’t permanently included in the design, take a small dry brush and clean up the edges. Take your time and make sure not to go over any of the places you want the powder to stay.

Step Six: Make it Shine

Now the fun part - heat it up! Take your heating tool and apply heat to the design. Make sure you read the instructions on your heating tool as to the best setting to use for embossing. You’ll be able to tell if it’s at the right setting pretty quickly because you’ll see all that glittery powder start to melt together. And voila! A sparkly addition to any creative design!

Thanks for hanging out with me on The Pigeon Letters' blog! Hope to see you embossing like a boss in no time!

Erin here from GoFontYourself. After narrowly escaping a career as an attorney in Arizona, I moved out to California and threw myself into everything creative. I still have a day job, but any free time is filled with lettering, painting, and really rainbow crafting of any kind. After about two and a half years, I’m finally starting to develop my own colorful crafting style with an emphasis on sharing mental health struggles along the way.