How to Make Fake Handheld B-roll

software Aug 14, 2022
How to make fake handheld camera footage

I'm SOOO excited to share this quick tutorial with you on how to make fake handheld b-roll shot to add some more interest to your video. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to create some extra video to add to my voiceover, but I also wanted it to look organic.

We're going to do this in Premier Pro, and this is what my set up looks like before I start editing:


Prefer watching me in action instead? No problem.




My short b-roll clip is placed towards the top, and I haven't started editing it yet:


And although I love tea, this clip is, well, pretty boring - for now. I've also filmed a really short clip of just my desk, but I did it handheld because I wanted to get some movement in there:



The next step is where the magic happens. What I'm going to do is take the motion from THIS clip and apply it to my boring tea-pouring clip. Ready?

STEP 1: take the two clips and place them on top of each other - the one with the movement on the top, the one you're trying to fake movement on right below it.

STEP 2: select both of the clips:


STEP 3: right-click on the clips and select Nest and click OK


STEP 4: go to the Effects panel that's to the left of your screen and look for the Warp effect (tip: you can just type "warp" in the search field)


STEP 5: grab the Warp Stabilizer effect, drag it over and drop it on top of the Nested Sequence


You'll see that Premier Pro will begin analyzing your changes.


STEP 6: in the meantime, head over to Effect Controls, find Result and select No Motion. Then, scroll down to Method and select Position, Scale, Rotation from the dropdown.



STEP 7: at this point, the effect hasn't been applied correctly just yet. Double-click on the Nested Sequence - this will show both of your clips. Click on the top one (the one with the motion) and....delete it! Then, go back to your main editing area, play your clip and you'll see the magic handheld effect applied to your clip. You're welcome 😉