Fall Envelope Art Tutorial

drawing Nov 12, 2020
fall envelope art tutorial

This world has seemed legit insane lately (amirite???) and one of the latest things to be on the struggle bus is the USPS! Buying stamps and sending mail is so important right now! I know these days it’s so much “easier” to send an email or a DM but if we’re totally honest with ourselves, isn’t getting old-fashioned snail mail so much more fun?!

Hello, friends! I’m Amanda from @comfy.cozy.lettering and I’m seriously beside myself over the opportunity to share a tutorial here!

Even better than snail mail is PRETTY snail mail! So, that’s what I’m here to share… a quick and EASY way to jazz up your envelopes and get you into the letter-writing/card-sending spirit this fall! So, grab a PSL, throw on your favorite sweater, and let’s do this!




  • Envelope
  • Small-tip marker or pen
  • A stamp to make sure your beautiful creation makes it to its destination!


Step 1: Add the Name and Address of Your Lucky Recipient



Okay, I totally get it… centering things can be super difficult. It’s a real struggle for me, too! Sometimes I get lucky and other times its way off. BUT, have no fear… what I love about this design is that it doesn’t matter at all if you center the recipient information because we’re just going to fill in the empty space with decorations in the next step.

Something important to keep in mind, though, is to make sure you leave room for the stamp! I usually try to write the recipient information in the bottom half or two-thirds of the envelope to be safe. It’s also a good idea to write the address in black to make sure the post office won’t have any trouble processing your letter/card. Also, if you like to put a return address on the front, make sure to leave room for that, too. I usually put mine on the back flap, though.


Step 2: Decorate with Leaves and Fall Goodies



I’m going to walk you through a few simple fall-inspired doodles to add to your envelope. Use some or all in whatever combination makes you happy! There is literally no wrong way of doing this and your recipient is going to be totally blown away no matter what.

Start your cute little leaf by drawing a slightly curved line, this will be our stem!



Add two more curved lines to form your leaf, with the stem in the middle!




Add small hash marks near the stem to add a little extra detail and boom! There's your leaf.



Now we're going to create an acorn! Begin with two curved lines, but join them at a slight point at the bottom. 



Add a semi-circle to the top and add a little stem to the top!




Lastly, add cross hash marks over the top of the acorn and a small swoop to add a bit of dimension!



Now we'll add a sprig. If you don't know what a sprig is, don't worry you're not alone and you'll learn today! Start by drawing a slightly curved line, then add a small leaf to the end. 



Add a few more stems to your sprig and throw some leaves on those as well!



Create an elm leaf by creating a simple leaf but adding jagged edges to the sides! Now, take a step back and admire your creation!



Pro Tip: To take this even a step further, I added some splashes of watercolor paint! 



Step 3: Add a Stamp and Get that Baby in the Mail!



Alright, that’s it! No, really! It's that easy! So, grab a pen and an envelope and get going! Let’s support a great public service and spread happiness while we’re at it. We could always use a little more of that.




Hi there! I'm Amanda Rakoczy and I'm the hands behind Comfy Cozy Lettering. I'm a self-taught lettering artist living in the Orlando, FL area. I have been lettering since before I even knew what to call it! I really got serious about my craft in January 2019. I love all sorts of art supplies and mediums but I'm currently head-over-heels for watercolor lettering.

I'm also a CPA by trade but I've been so happy to pursue my passion for art in my spare time and meet new creative friends along the way! Some of my other favorite activities include hanging out with my husband and kids, going to Disney World, swimming, watching Netflix, and baking!

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