How to Find What Platform a Website Uses

entrepreneurship Nov 08, 2020

I love life shortcuts so today I'm sharing my top-secret method of figuring out what platform a website is using, without really even trying. Raise your hand if you've ever come across a website you absolutely loved and couldn't figure out what platform was being used but you wanted to know like whoa. Me, I'm raising my hand in real life and I know I'm not alone!

But don't worry, get excited, because I'm here today to make your life easier. WOO!

For those of us who are much more visual, scroll to the bottom to watch the video version of this tutorial!



I'm going to show you how to do this using both Google Chrome and Safari.


Google Chrome 

Step 1: From eye candy website, right click and select "Inspect"


I'm going to show you three different websites in each step that all use a different website platform to show you how to identify each one.


The first is my photographer friend Casi Yost:

This is my photographer friend Casi Yost's website, which is just stunning! 


Right-click on any blank space on the website and select "inspect" from the drop-down menu. It kind of feels like we're detectives, inspecting a VERY important piece of evidence. It's too fun.


Next, my illustrator friend Brooke Glaser:

This is my illustrator friend Brooke Glaser's website, which is so bright and playful!  

This step is going to look pretty much the same, regardless of the differences between websites. 


Anddd my bright-ass site:

Yup, still the same thing! Even on my funky website hosted by the lovely, Kajabi. Wasn't supposed to give that away yet but here we are. The internet is truly forever.



Google Chrome  Step 2: Select Sources from Right Menu


From Google Chrome, select the "Sources" category. This is a step that's always forgotten about and makes people super confused. I don't think ANY steps in a tutorial can be skipped, but out of all of them, this would be the worst step to skip because then you'll be confused or angry (or both!) at me for failing to teach you this trick and we don't want that!


From Brooke's site:


This step is also going to look the same (as long as you're in Chrome) for every website you try it on. 


From my site:


Surprise, this is STILL the SAME even on my website. I'm just like everybody else, guys!



Google Chrome Step 3: Find the Website Platform in the List

Casi's site spoiler: WORDPRESS



Once you're in the "Sources" category, you'll have to pull out your detective glasses and look for a word or phrase that would represent a website platform. For example, on this website, we see "wp-content". If you're familiar with website platforms or hosts, you might already know that this means WordPress. We've cracked the code guys, Casi's website uses WordPress! 

If you aren't familiar with website platforms or hosts, google is your best friend!


Brooke's site spoiler: SQUARESPACE


This website was an easier riddle, as it immediately says Squarespace, they didn't even make it that hard. The worst detective in the world (Nancy Drew status) could figure out this mystery. So proud of us, either way! 



My website is a little more difficult to figure out because Kajabi is less well known as the previous website platforms. This may be an instance where you start googling to figure out what the website platform's name is! Nonetheless, we've solved the mystery of Kajabi and now my secret is officially out of the bag. 



Let's do the same investigation from Safari (even though it won't be nearly as fun if you already read the Chrome way).


Step 1: Right Click Any Area and Select "Inspect Element"



Sound familiar? Same steps, different look.

Safari looks a tad different, but the beginning step is going to look exactly the same. 


Safari Step 2: Find the "Sources" Category



Select the "Sources" category to start looking for the website platform. Again, don't get cocky and skip this step, you'll get lost in the internet! We all know how scary this place can be. Hold my hand, we're going through this together! Don't stray away.



Safari  Step 3: Find the Website Platform in the List


Grab your detective glasses or your magnifying glass (can't stop with this terrible joke) and get to looking for the website platform. It usually exists at least by the second paragraph of random coding, so that clue should help you out if needed!

Before you know it, you'll see that sneaky WordPress line on Casi's site. 


 Brooke's site:

 Same idea for this next website, squint those eyes to get a better look if needed! You'll soon notice the Squarespace text trying to be sneaky. This coding is NO match for us, we're finding everything!


Anddd lastly, ME!

 If you're familiar with website platforms, this one won't be too difficult, as Kajabi gives itself away so quick. If you're not familiar, definitely use google to search some words that you suspect might be tell-alls for the website platform.


DANG! You guuuuuys, we cracked the code! Hooray for tips and tricks. All of these things make our lives so easy, especially when navigating the rough waters of the internet. I hope you found this step-by-step useful or entertaining (or both!). I had SO much fun being detectives with you guys today, never stop being curious!