How to Fix Overexposed iPhone Video (in Premier Pro!)

software Aug 28, 2022
How to fix overexposed video on iPhone

If you ever film on your phone, you might have faced the struggle of your color profile defaulting to something that is not overly complimentary to your lighting and ended up with very overexposed footage. While you can of course start again and adjust your settings, there is an easy way to fix this little mishap in Premier Pro.


Here's what I'm working with...



Wanna watch the tutorial instead?



Step 1: Set Up Your Video

Once your video is imported, right-click on it and select Reveal in Project. Make sure to do this before you start editing!




Step 2: Locate the Video

Head over to the left-side panel and find the video you selected to reveal - you'll be easily able to keep track of it this way!



Next, right-click and head to Modify on the top of the list, select Interpret Footage:



Step 3: Fixing the Color

At this point, you should have the below pop up come up. You'll that all the way at the bottom there's a section called Color Management:


Enable Color Space Override and from the dropdown next to it, select Rec 2020.


Click OK aaaaaand...you're done! Neat huh?



Now you can edit your video whichever way you like but the overexposure is gone for good!