How to Make a Custom Gmail Signature

entrepreneurship Apr 01, 2022
How to make a free, custom email signature

I guarantee that you, like me, get a lot of emails. And you would have seen that most (if not all) of them have those pretty signatures with social handles, contact info and a cute logo or photograph. Have you ever wanted to make one yourself but didn't know how? Today I'm going to show you exactly how to create your own signature that's nice and simple but also pretty. And best of all, it's absolutely free and you won't need to use any fancy websites or software.




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Step 1: Open a New Google Doc

So, as it turns out, Google Docs are actually pretty handy (I KNOW!). Set up a blank Google Document to get started.


Step 2: Insert a Table

In this step, we're going to build the framework that will ensure your signature stays in place and does not move around once you start adding more elements. 

Go to Insert > Table > select a 2x1 option (assuming you only want two columns). 



Once your table is inserted, adjust it by moving the borders to be approximately the size you want the final signature to be. You can always change it later.


Step 3: Insert Your Info

First, insert all the text-based info into the area you want it to go to. I'm going with the photo on the left and text on the right.

Once your text is in, go to Insert > Image > Upload from Computer and add the photo you want to use.




Step 4: Remove Borders

You might be wondering what's the deal with those black borders around the signature? Well, don't you worry because we're going to get rid of them. To do that, click INSIDE of each of the boxes (you'll need to repeat this twice if you have two columns like me), making sure your cursor is not on the photo itself. Makes sense? I sure hope so. 

You will then see several options on the right hand side, in the ribbon of the document. The one we're after is Border Width

Click on that, select 0pt and...poof! The border is gone (but the table itself is still there, and you can still adjust it and move things around). 


Optional: Adding Socials

If you want to have icons for your social media in your signature too, all you need to do is find PNG versions of them (that will give you a clear background), save them and insert at the bottom of your signature.



Step 5: Add Signature!

Now that you're all done, head over to your Gmail, go to Settings > General and scroll down to Signature. Add a new signature and simply paste the information in!




Don't forget to grab your copy of the template over here and come back another time for more quick and easy tutorials!


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