How To Create Beautiful Galaxy Lettering In Procreate

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How to create galaxy lettering in Procreate

Let’s take a trip out of this world to create some galaxy lettering in Procreate! Then I’ll show you how to embellish the lettering by adding a glitter outline and a drop shadow! This tutorial is great for any skill level! If you’re not a lettering artist you can grab your favorite font and add this galaxy effect to that instead! 

Hi there, I’m Shannon from The Pigeon Letters Design Team and I’ll be sharing new tutorials with you right here every month! 





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Step 1: Add your Lettering

Create a canvas of your desired size and use The Pigeon Letters Brush Pen to write out your lettering in black, on a new layer. Like I mentioned at the beginning, you can use a font if that’s something you’re more comfortable with. 



To avoid confusion later on in the tutorial, remember to rename your layers. I’m calling this layer “Base Lettering”.



Step 2: Paint Your Colors

Create a new layer for the colors and clip it to the layer with your lettering. Then use the MonoPigeon brush to paint your colors on a that layer. You can choose any colors you want. These are the colors that I went with: Blue - #031ef2, #0effff, Purple - #b703f2, Pink - #fa0ae7, #fa93fa, White - #ffffff. 



Once you’ve added all your colors then you can use the Watercolor brush from the Procreate Library to blend them all together.  




Step 3: Create a Shadow

To create a drop shadow, simply duplicate the layer with your lettering twice. These will be your shadow layers. Next, pull the bottom shadow layer to the bottom right side of the lettering. Then merge the two layers together.



Next you’re going to fill in the white spaces that were created in between the two layers when you pulled the bottom one away from the lettering. You can do this by dragging and dropping in the color or you can use the selection tool to select and fill those spaces. You will also need to use the MonoPigeon brush to connect some parts of letters to the shadow. 




Step 4: Add Stars

To add the stars I’m using the TPL Watered Down and the TPL Stardust brushes both from the TPL Grit Set. Make sure you add the stars on a new layer that’s clipped to the layer with the lettering. 



Step 5: Make an Outline

Duplicate the lettering layer and tap the layer thumbnail and invert the layer. This will change the color from black to white. 



To create the outline, go to the adjustments icon and apply a Gaussian Blur until you see some white showing up behind the lettering. 



To make the outline bolder, duplicate that layer a few times and merge them together.



Then insert the glitter texture and clip it to the outline layer.



Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

To make these letters pop from the canvas even more, add some white highlights on a new layer above the lettering using the MonoPigeon brush. 


Also, add a background behind the lettering. You can use any color that you want  Then, using the same brushes from step 4, add some white stars on a layer between the lettering and the background. To create more depth, apply a Gaussian blur to those stars. This will make them appear as though they are far away from the background.




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