2022 Gift Guide for Creatives

Dec 01, 2022
Holiday gift guide for creatives

It's time to get those cozy socks on, grab your favorite snacks and start winding down for the year. And if you still need to get some of that holiday shopping done for the creatives in your life (I know, we can be some of the most difficult people to gift for), here are a few ideas of all the things I personally love!


Ember Mug

YOUR perfect temperature no matter what! Especially recommended for those of you with a distractive mind. 


Handmade Ceramic Paint Supplies

Each piece created is meant to embrace imperfections, and each wobble, asymmetry, indent, and other handmade quality is intentionally preserved to bring hand built energy into the creative space.

Seeing earth formed by hand reminds me to celebrate my handmade process of creating art while I'm using a functional piece of art. I hope it helps to remind you to embrace your process in its entirety as well because your creative journey is so very special. No two pieces are alike. 🖤




Canvas Lamp

Perfect for those nice, still overhead shots and filming timelapses, the Canvas lamp has been my go-to for easy and quick filming. It definitely takes out the hassle of setting up all of your equipment when you just want to capture your creative moments quickly! Best part? You can take 10% off using PIGEONLETTERS10 at checkout.



Can't decide yet? Watch my first impressions and unboxing.




Instant Photo Printer

Print Polaroid style images from your phone on demand, wherever, whenever. Perfect for capturing your memories and adding some variety to your travel journal.




Creative Community Membership

Sometimes, best gifts are not physical things. As artists, it's easy to get isolated and stuck in your own bubble - but it doesn't have to be this way. The Flock is a membership for all types of creatives that offers support, resources and room for growth. Give the gift of community to your friends this season.




Solar Rainbow Maker Window Charm

Bring a little rainbow into your space with this tiny rainbow maker.




Collapsible Travel Artist Water Cup

If you paint en plein air or you know someone that likes to have their paints with them at all times, this little water cup is a must to make the entire painting experience much easier.




Instructional Art Books

It's never too late to learn new techniques and explore your passions. For someone that might be new to art or is keen to try out new skills, art books can be some of the best tools. Luckily, we have a big selection of them, from mindful sketching to line art.




Skillshare Membership

Want to expand on your skills even further? I gotchu! Skillshare is a great platform to learn anything about everything, and with this link you can grab 1 month for free to test it out.



Solar Photography Kit

Want to gift something a bit more unconventional? Use the power of sunlight to produce rich blue prints of common objects on paper or fabric.


DesignWorks Standard Issue Notebook

This is my favorite notebook hands down—from the interior spread to the size to the thoughtful features like elastic loop on the cover, 3 ribbon markers, bullet template, ruler, to elastic closure, there’s nothing not to love.




Sketchbook Idea Generator

For those times that you're getting stumped on what to draw, this idea generator is the perfect tool to spring your creative process.




Wide Format Art Printer

A good art printer is so challenging to find, but this one of my favorites. If you want to start making art prints at home, this printer offers great quality at a reasonable price. 



Happy holiday season for those of you celebrating and I would love to know what's on your gift wishlist, and what you'll be gifting this year!