How I Organize My Art Pens

drawing Mar 21, 2021
How I Organize My Art Pens

Hi everyone! If you caught my last video on how I store my art pens then you're officially equipped with the knowledge of what to do. Now I'm sharing with you how I organize the madness that is my own art pens and what storage solutions work best for me. It's still early enough in the year to achieve that organizational state of mind, there is nothing more frustrating than pulling out a pen, and lo and behold, the pen is dried up. Guys, listen to me, you don't have to put yourself through that misery anymore.

Storing your pens correctly can help extend your pen's life span AND reduce your stress, in turn keeping you a happy camper. I've also included a video version of this guide at the bottom of this page for your viewing pleasure!







While it would be an absolute dream to have a giant art studio with a dozen plants I don't have to take care of and a 14-person work station that I have don't have to clean, it's just not real life. Real-life is my 10x10 office + art studio that is often a mess with endless stacks of paper packaging and old tea mugs. Long story short, most people don't have the space to leave their art supplies wherever they want.

Getting your supplies (in this case, pens) organized is vital when it comes to lengthening a pen's life, as well as keeping your stress to a minimum so you can create in peace. Below I've collected my favorite storage methods to best utilize the little space I have.


Stamp 'n' Storage



Right off the bat, these wooden pen organizers are the bees' knees. Not only are they compact, but they're also pleasing to the eye! This organizer can hold up to 220 pens, which is enough to convince you to buy one right NOW. Run, don't walk!




With their slim design, these bad boys can fit into any office or art space. Some of the pens shown above are actually packaged in larger boxes than this organizer, so if that tells you anything.. you need one of these. Pens being stored in this position will ensure that your pen lives the lifespan it's built for! Storing your pens incorrectly is just a huge waste of supplies and money. 



You can also buy one that's more restrictive in space if you prefer to group your pens or markers in smaller quantities. Basically, if you're a superstar organizer, the more restrictive storage might be for you! If you're just starting out, I highly recommend a more open unit. 


Admiring my well-organized monoline pens? You can have them too! Find them in my shop!






Pastel boxes are cool and all, but you can only fit so many pastels in one small box. If you're looking for something similar to the previous option, but maybe not as tall, this drawer is a great option. This drawer is great for all kinds of art supplies, and I love how slim the overall design is. I keep this in my closet but it's versatile enough that you can put it almost anywhere!  



Wall space



Utilizing wall space is one of my favorite ways to save yourself desk space! If you're able to put some supplies (the ones that can stand vertical!) on your wall, it leaves so much room on your desk for other goodies. 



These cute little supply cups just clip onto this white backboard I have from Ikea. I really like putting any regular ink pens, colored pencils, and gel pens here. It's super important to know which ways you need to keep your differing art supplies, you could be shortening your pens' lifespan if you store them incorrectly!



Utilizing shelf space



I love utilizing shelf space, especially near my computer because sometimes you need a pen and you need it NOW! Keeping pens that I use all the time close to my computer helps me quickly grab what I need. If I have to get up to get something, I'll probably get distracted and forget what I was working on from the beginning. 



I keep my go-to brushes close to me as well, just in case I need to paint a little somethin' somethin' right quick. It's SUPER important to store your brushes like shown above! 


Oh, did you say you needed some brushes? I have a TON of brushes available in my shop! 10/10 would recommend and so would hundreds of other folx. 


At the end of the day, storage is all personal preference. Go with what works best for YOU and YOUR workspace! There are so many options online and it's easy to get lost in that rabbit hole, so I hope this little guide helped narrow your choices. Happy organizing! 







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