How to Add Digital Products to Shopify

entrepreneurship Aug 30, 2020

Hey, there community! Today I wanted to tackle a question that I get SO often from you all, and that's how to create a digital download to Shopify. It's actually something I needed to do today, so I thought, why not just share with you lovely people in the process?! 

Shopify definitely doesn't make it easy to figure this out, I honestly can't even remember how I figured this out. I probably spent a lot of time on the google machine per usual... I'm just happy that I can share this *apparently* powerful information with all of you today! 

If you prefer to have more of a visual, scroll to the end of this post for a video version of this tutorial!


Step 1: Go to "Apps" in Shopify



Navigate to "apps" after logging into Shopify and select "visit Shopify app store". I already have it downloaded which is why it pops up under my apps and that's where it'll live once you download it! 


Step 2: Search for "Digital Download" + Download the App



Search for "Digital Downloads". An option for the digital download app will pop up first and it's the application with the black icon.

This is a free add-on, which is amazing but I do still think they should make it a little easier for you to find, don't you agree? SO many people sell/buy digital items online, it's so important that we make it accessible to everyone. Yes, that means grandma too 🙋‍♀️!


Step 3: Create a New Product



Go back to your products page and create your new product. Title your product, then simply save. Before you spend a bunch of time filling out the rest of this page, save your product with just the title. If time isn't a thing for you, feel free to fill out the rest of the product details.


Step 4: Refresh Page + Select "More Actions"



After saving your new product, refresh the products page. Select "more actions" which is underneath your product's title and select "add digital attachment." This is where your digital download gets uploaded. What a weird workaround, I tell ya.



This can be super confusing because you'd think it would be connected to the product listing, but it's actually connected to the app. So in order to add your digital downloads to Shopify, you HAVE to download the app within Shopify, go back to your product, select add digital attachment AND THEN upload your digital attachment within the app. That's quite the run-on, but you get the point!


Important Note: Settings 



The settings will be defaulted to be automatically fulfilled so that when it's purchased, people will be able to download it ASAP. THIS IS IDEAL so no worries about changing it, but it's an FYI that you do have the option to change fulfillment to manual. I don't know why you would, but hey, whatever floats your boat!



Even though this tutorial is only 3 steps, mastering how to do this is one of my proudest moments. This was no easy feat down the google rabbit hole! I'm just glad I got to share it all with you! This is definitely one of my most asked questions, so I hope that this proves useful to you! Now go on and sell all the things!