How To Draw A Geometric Art Decó Pattern

drawing Mar 04, 2021
How To Draw A Geometric Art Decó Pattern

Have you ever wanted to create a geometric pattern, but maybe it looked too intimidating? Well, today we're throwing away that thought and we're learning how to create an art deco-inspired pattern. The best part of all? It's simpler than you may have previously thought. It's also a great way to sit back and relax!

All you need is paper, a fine liner, a marker and a pencil! 



I’m Mario from @mariopatterns and I'm so excited to be here with you all today! Pattern repetitive elements are so therapeutic to draw, I hope you see them as a way to relax and practice self-care. This is one of my favorite ways of practicing self-care! Let's get into it!




Step 1: Sketch some auxiliary lines

Draw pairs of vertical lines with a pencil to divide the page into columns and create three dots between each pair of lines. These auxiliary lines will help you get over that blank page fear we all have, and keep the pattern’s layout in place in the next steps. 


Step 2: Draw zigzags

Draw zig zag bands in between the pencil lines from the previous step using the black fine liner. To do this, you have to connect the dots diagonally. Feel free to rotate the page as you’re drawing so you find the hand position that feels more comfortable for you.


Step 3: Draw vertical bands

Trace over the pencil lines, integrating triangular or circular shapes into the vertical bands alternatively: one band with triangles, the next one with circles, etc. Now you have a basic grid made of diamonds you’ll decorate in the next steps.


Step 4: Start decorating the diamonds

Decorate every other diamond (the ones that have triangular shapes in their centers) with two smaller diamonds next to their left and right corners. Use the dots as a reference to help you draw the lines as straight as possible.


Step 5: Decorate the remaining diamonds

Divide each of the remaining diamonds’ halves into 4 parts using a horizontal line and two diagonals. There are a lot of ways to decorate this pattern’s elements so feel free to experiment and make them your own.


Step 6: Make the lines thicker

Make all the lines you’ve been drawing a bit thicker using a fine liner or a black marker. This will make the diamonds pop and add contrast to the pattern so it’s more interesting.


Step 7: Draw some circles

Add circles in the diamonds’ centers. I used two different types of circles (just the outline or filled in). You can also use other shapes like hexagons, rhombus, or any other you like.


Step 8: Add tiny dots

Decorate the space between the diamonds using rows of tiny dots. Around 7-8 dots will be enough for each section. I sketched the dots with a pencil first so they were evenly distributed.


Step 9: Add color!

Time to use that colored marker! Paint the diamonds’ subdivisions leaving a small gap around each area to keep all the elements separated (this will make the pattern cleaner). You can use any color you like, but I find that gold/yellow/orange tones are more suitable for this art decó theme we are going for.

And that's it! I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Tag me on Instagram (@mariopatterns) when you try it, I’d love to see your work! If you’re new to the pattern world and would like to explore a bit more, I have a FREE workbook on how to draw easy geometric patterns you can download from home. All the best!


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Hi! I’m Mario, a pattern artist and architect from Spain. As a person who suffers from anxiety, I realized that drawing patterns is a powerful way to take care of yourself. We don’t always have the time or energy to try so I want to help you with step-by-step guides and tutorials you can find over at my Instagram, Youtube and ETSY shop (PatternDrawingGuides).  

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