How to Draw a Pumpkin

procreate Oct 04, 2020
how to draw a pumpkin in procreate

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's already October. To celebrate, I decided to do a little autumn-ish tutorial to kick off the spooky season (which I love more than I should). In this Procreate tutorial, we're going over how to create a perfect pumpkin using basic shapes and textured brushes! These texture brushes are going to really help bring this pumpkin to life with lots and lots of depth.

I'm using a custom color palette that I've created specifically for this community! Highly recommend snagging this before starting... I mean, it's FREE! And I made it! Validate me! 😂



I'm also using a beautifully textured brush set by Lisa Glanz called the Delicious Texture Brush pack! This set includes not one but TWO brush packs full of texture brushes AND stamps. It's a serious steal, guys. Please feel free to use any brushes you have around though. 


Moving-visual learners, I didn't forget about you. Scroll to the waaaaay bottom for a video! 



Step 1: Draw a Draft of Your Pumpkin



Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes so decide what aesthetic you're going for and draw a draft of the shape! From the draft, create a small dip on the top of your pumpkin to leave room for a stem.

When it comes to the indents on your pumpkin, as you reach the center of your pumpkin, make the lines less and less curved to show how you would see it head-on.


Step 2: Decrease Draft Opacity and Create a New Layer




After finishing your rough draft, drop your opacity down, and create a new layer. I'm still using Lisa's Pencil because I just love the grainy and gritty edge it has to it. If you like more a speckle effect, the Butter Knife brush is your bestie.

Follow the original line you made, but this time with a bold orange! Fill the pumpkin by dragging the color and dropping it in OR just manually filling it in. Sometimes you just need a good manual fill in to retain that texture throughout!



Side note: I'm using the Paperlike screen protector, which I wasn't a big fan of at first, but now I'm sort of obsessed because it makes coloring things in SO fun. 10/10 would recommend! 


 Lisa's Pencil in the Delicious Texture pack is what I'm using in this step!



Step 3: Drag Layer 1 to the Top and Turn Opacity Up



Drag the first layer to the top and change the color to something wild like lime green so it's clear where to shade or highlight your pumpkin. Readjust if needed to fit your second layer.  


Step 4: Create a New Layer and Apply a Clipping Mask to Add Depth



Grab that previous orange color, make it a tad bit lighter, and grab the Smokey Shader brush! 

A clipping mask is one of my favorite tools on Procreate! It makes it so whatever I'm doing on my selected layer, it will only affect the layer below it and no other layers. Take your lighter orange and begin highlighting the upper left area of your pumpkin. If you need your guide, make sure it's on before continuing! 



Darken your orange so we can add some depth to those curved lines from our draft. Once you have your lines done, feel free to turn off your guide! Go in again, but with your darker color to begin building your depth. Make your orange even darker and decrease the brush size. Go over the curved lines one final time! 



Increase your brush size and add even more depth to the curved lines by adding a harsher line to the center of each of these lines. Build these lines out so from afar, it turns into a gradual shadow. Be sure to build these lines out so there aren't hard lines visible. 


Step 5: Create a New Layer and Apply a Clipping Mask to Add Highlight



 Select a lighter orange color and add a highlight to the in-between spots of your darker lines. There won't be a solid thin line like the depth part because it's more of a bellowing of light, not coming out towards us!

Change your orange to more of a medium tone and start shading it over the entirety of the pumpkin. This is going to bring these aspects together more and overlap everything so it's not as harsh. 



Now you can see what's really standing out and what's not. Whatever you don't feel is standing out enough, go back and build where you feel it's necessary!



I grabbed the Powder Brush and add more depth to my darker lines, as well as take the layer on top and knock the opacity down. Adding more depth to the outer edges of the pumpkin and less depth to the center lines will make for a more realistic shadow effect, which I love! 



I chose to go over the bottom section and sides of the pumpkin with more depth because I want it to be clear where my light source is coming from. Adding texture to the bottom shows the pumpkin has some gravity to it because, you know, science!

Pro tip: If you want to erase some depth, hold down on your eraser and it will select the brush you're on and you can erase using that same brush! 


Step 6: Create a New Layer and Apply a Clipping Mask to Add More Texture

Grab a lighter shade of orange and start adding your highlight to areas where light would hit. I added my highlight to the top of the pumpkin, to blend with my shadows! Add more light to the top of your pumpkin, while working on your new clipping mask. Feel free to turn the opacity up or down, depending on how much light you want to show! 

Every time I do projects like this, I always get to this point and don't like how it's coming together. I PROMISE YOU, just get up and walk away for a few minutes, come back and you'll love it. With art, sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes!


Step 7: Create a New Layer and Draw Base of Stem



Grab a neutral brown and a new brush (I'm using Lisa's Pencil again!) Fill in the dip on the top of the pumpkin to get a base for your stem.



Create a jagged edge for the stem and color that bad boy in. You can make this thinner, thicker, or whatever YOU want! (This isn't me yelling, this is me encouraging)

Step 8: Create a New Layer and Apply a Clipping Mask


Select a lighter version of your brown to add some highlight to the top of your stem. The brush I’m using is Soft Dough! Select a darker brown and add some depth to the other side and bottom area of the stem. When you add this texture and depth, it really brings the piece to life a little more!


Step 9: Create a New Layer and Select a Green Color



Create another new layer! Can you tell I like to work in layers?! Select a shade of green (I’m using Lisa’s Pencil) and draw your leaves. Have them surround the stem and flow out. Is anyone really sure what pumpkin leaves look like? I’m definitely not. Winging it!



Lighten up your green and apply a clipping mask to the layer. I changed my brush to the Greasy Sponge. Go in and add some saturation grit to make the leaves look a little beat up. Add some depth to the middle section of the leaves as well!


Step 10: Add Finishing Touches




You know me... I always love to add a little sprinkle of texture around the background to liven things up! Add any background noise you feel would look best with your piece to finish it up.




Other brushes in this pack I love: Light Dusting, Coffee Granules, and Sprinkles!



And that's how the cookie crumbles guys! I hope you're having an incredible fall so far, I mean how can you not love this time of year? SO much fun doing these tutorials with and for this community.

If you've gotten this far in the tutorial and realized I NEED THAT PACK, I have a big ole button for you below that you quite literally, cannot miss. Here she is: