Learn How to Hand Embroider a Quote Using a Monogram Hoop

diy Oct 29, 2020
how to hand embroider on hoop

It's about that time again everyone! Election day is upon us and I hope this embroidery tutorial helps get you in the mood to go exercise your civic duty, as well as encourage your friends and family too. This tutorial includes a "VOTE" hand embroidery pattern, which is completely free to download, and a walkthrough on how to do a backstitch! 

Hi there, I’m Dana Batho, I’m the owner and designer at Peacock & Fig! Whether you're a beginner hand embroider, or have been doing this for years, this tutorial is fun AND an easy way to remind people of their civic duty, get out and VOTE! I've also included a video version of this tutorial for you moving visual learners at the end of this page!


Step 1: Transfer Your Paper Design to Your Linen and Attach to Your Embroidery Hoop




If you're not sold on purchasing the FriXion pen, you're welcome to trace it using a pen or pencil. Just make sure your tracing is perfect as you might not be able to erase it! After you've successfully transferred the piece over, attach your linen to your hoop and get ready to start stitching! Yay!


Step 2: Begin Stitching



Begin by starting at the top of the "V". Start by putting the needle in from the back and pulling it towards you, then you'll press it back in, about a half inch away from your previous stitch and away from you. Then, press your needle back into the linen, away from you, and pull the needle through. 

The reason this method is called "backstitch" is because you'll then press your needle into the same stitch you just made to connect it together. Repeat this all the way through "VOTE"!

Pro Tip: Try to make all of your stitches the same length!



Step 3: Add Finishing Details!



Add any and all little floral details to your finished product! This is where you can get super creative, but make sure you've already added these touches when you transferred the tracing to your linen! I made my pretty simple for teaching purposes. ALSO, don't stress about things looking off, or wobbly, these mistakes will just make it look even more handmade! And BAM! All done! 


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Of course, if you decide that stabbing a piece of fabric to relax is totally your jam and you'd like to get more free patterns, you can access a whole boatload of free cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns on my website!

Happy stitching! Please feel free to tag @peacockandfig on Instagram with your finishes!





Hi there, I’m Dana Batho, I’m the owner and designer at Peacock & Fig! As well as having fun with surface pattern design and illustration, I specialize in designing cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns (many featuring a fair whack of sass). I also enjoy helping people learn to up their stitching skills with free tutorials and Skillshare classes.