How to Install Procreate Brushes

procreate Sep 22, 2020
How to Install Procreate Brushes

Oh boy, my inbox has been FLOODED with questions on how to import Procreate brushes, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a tutorial for you!

First and foremost, thank you all SO much for your love and support with the launch of my Procreate Ultimate Brush Lettering Pack. I mean wow, I seriously love this community and can't wait to see what you guys create with this! If you haven't grabbed it yet, my new brush pack includes a PDF, worksheets, AND brush set, which can seem a little complicated as far as installation goes so I'll be using it as an example today!

All you moving-visual learners: scroll to the bottom for the video tutorial!






Step 1: Go to Download Link and Select "Download"



I've found that many custom Procreate brush packs are hosted on Dropbox, which makes our lives very easy. I also keep my brushes there so that's what you'll see in these instructions.

First, select "Direct Download" to download the file. If you're downloading my brush pack, it'll include a PDF file, the brush pack file, as well as worksheets! Wow wow, I know, it's A LOT, but we'll get to it!



Step 2: Open the Download Drop Down Menu and Select the File



Open your download tab on the top right corner of the page to get this party started! (This is a little round icon with a downward pointing arrow in the middle.)

When it's finished downloading, simply tap on the file and it'll open the full file that you just downloaded. It also does this magical thing where it unpacks everything for you without having to unzip or any of that technical stuff. 



Step 3: Import Procreate Brushes



After opening the downloaded file, a page like this will appear. This is showing you everything you just downloaded! Next, tap the Procreate brush pack (with the little Procreate symbol) and this will install your brushes directly into Procreate. YES, it's that EASY! 

Note: If importing a single brush, it will show up in a brush folder called "Imported" within the Procreate app. If importing a brush set, it will create its own brush folder.



Alternate option: If this method doesn't work for you for whatever reason, somtimes you'll see the option to select "open in..." and the option to import the pack into Procreate will appear. This will result in a direct install as well.



There you have it! I hope this tutorial helped you guys with installing ALL of your favorites when it comes to Procreate brushes - I know I have way too many brush packs installed right now. Brush packs are a great way to test the boundaries of your creativity - which is boundless, by the way. Try something new, do something old! Whatever you do, make sure you're having fun! 

Made it all this way and decided you reaaaalllyy want my new brush push pack? Link below!