How to Start a Bujo Spread

drawing Jan 07, 2021
How to Start a Bujo Spread

To learn the official way to bullet journal, check out the original Ryder Carroll video - but my quick description is, it's a way to make your own diary, in a way that works for you - and an outlet to be creative at the same time! I'm going to give you some very quick tips on how to start your own - just remember, you don't have to follow any rules, you can do it any way you want! All you really need is a notebook and a pen - but I think that it's most fun if you have a dot grid notebook, and some coloured brush pens as well!



1. Yearly overview


Yearly Overview

Start by laying out all the months remaining in the year, leaving space to write important dates and events underneath. I like to have two months per page, and colour code my important dates, so I can see what is work, and what is fun - but it's whatever works best for you!



2. Monthly spread


Monthly Spread


The next step is to make a more detailed spread for the current month. Refer back to your yearly overview to put in important dates; then you can flesh everything out a bit more with classes, work start and finish times, etc. I also like to have a section here to write my goals for the month - how much work I need to do, but also personal goals, for things such as being healthy or working on a hobby.




3. Weekly spread


Weekly Spread


Next, set up your current week - refer back to your monthly spread to add in events and work, and also look at your goals and see if there's anything you need to do this week to help achieve them. The ways to layout your weekly spread are endless! - I like to have a big box for each day, to write both events and to do lists; and have a box with my most important tasks for the week (you can see it here on the top right!) But you might prefer having an "events" page and a "to do list" page - everyone works differently, which is why the bullet journal system is so great! Experiment with layouts that work best for you, to find the ones that make you most productive.



4. Decorate your spreads!


Decorate it!


​​​​This is the funnest part!! The most common thing to do amongst bullet journallers is to pick a "theme" for the month. I love this style, as it means you don't need to constantly think of new ideas every week - but you still get to be creative and try and adapt your theme in different ways. For example, in January I did these pink leaves, and you can see all the different ways I used them - as hanging pots, then as bouquets, then as flower pot headers:



5. Add "collections"




Once you've got the basics, you can start adding extra spreads - depending on what kind of work/studies you do, and on what is important to you! Here are some of the spreads I've done - for example, I'm a wedding photographer, so I use this spread to manage my editing workload.




You can do a tracker spread every month, to track how often you're doing certain things that are important to you (it's surprising how motivating colouring in a little box can be!!) If you look back to my monthly spread, you can see that my goals for September include a certain amount of walking, drawing, and no junk food, as well as reading six books - this page is a way for me to track all of these goals! 

You can also keep lists of things, such as things you want to buy, places you want to go!

There are so so many options - and once you start looking for inspiration on Instagram, you'll see the possibilities are endless!! To give you an idea of all the different bullet journal styles you can try, here are some of my fave Instagram accounts: @journautical, @inkajournal, @bujotrulla, @supermassiveblackink, @adagio.studies and @planwithady.




My Giant Handwriting - Lauren Hall


I am an obsessive stationery buyer and to-do list writer - but I've never quite found the right diary for me. There wouldn't be enough room for my lists, or there'd be a whole random section I'd always leave blank, or the lines simply wouldn't fit my handwriting. So when I came across the magical world of bullet journals, I was instantly hooked!!

 Thanks so much for reading, and tag me on Instagram (@mygianthandwriting) if you start your own bullet journal, I'd love to see it!!


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